#Trending In The World Of Comic Media: 01/09/14-01/15/14 (Young Batman, Michael Douglas Is Ant-Man, & Other News)

In #Trending I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will include news about comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. while also highlighting various Comic Book Cosplay. Let’s begin:




Fox’s Gotham = Smallville 2.0batman 80Tons of info came to us from FOX’s Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly in regards to their new DC series coming next season called Gotham:

“This is an origin story for young Bruce Wayne. It will follow Bruce Wayne from childhood through his development into the Dark Night, with the final episode marking the moment when he puts on the cape. The actor will grow-up, if we do our job well he’ll be a young man and ready to be Batman by the end. Which isn’t to say we might not skip ahead.”

“We own all the rights.That’s what we’re licensing,. They brought us the entire franchise for a very healthy licence fee. We’re not negotiating this piece meal. We have all of the underlying Batman rights for the entire franchise for this series. That’s what I like about this, it’s not some sort of adjunct companion series. This is the Batman franchise, just backing it up. I think that gives it a real focus as to what the show is about and what stories we’re telling. Warner Brothers manages the entire franchise and its one of their top global franchises of all. So there will be an awareness of both and we’ll have to coordinate when we’re in the market place, but the productions are not piggy-backing off one another.”

This is all of the classic Batman characters, with a young Bruce Wayne, with Detective Gordon before he’s Commissioner Gordon, with the Penguin, with the Riddler, and with the Joker. All of those characters are going to arc and become who they are. I’ve read the script. It’s really good. It’s going to be this operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality. We’re not starting in that world where the villains are in costume. You see markers for it that are kind of delicious. You begin to see the evolution of the eccentricities that become those characters, but you really sort of arc there. We don’t start out in capes and costumes.”

I was really looking forward to that Commissioner Gordon/Gotham Central TV show that this was initially presented to us as but I can see why they included Bruce Wayne. I just hope that it is equal parts Wayne and Gordon though…

Marvel Casting-Paloozamarvel logoMarvel had an absolute field day with casting announcements this week. First came the revelation that Michael Douglas will portray the part of Hank Pym in the Ant-Man movie. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige added: “With Hank Pym’s rich history in the Marvel Universe, we knew we needed an actor capable of bringing the weight and stature to the role that the character deserves. We felt incredibly relieved when Michael Douglas agreed to step into the part with the charm and fortitude he brings to every character he inhabits, and couldn’t be more excited to see what he will do to bring Hank Pym to life.” Their second big announcement came when we learned that Thomas Kretschmann will be joining the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron as the secondary villain,Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Mr. Kretschmann has reportedly signed for multiple movies to play a character that Marvel describes as “a Nazi officer working for terrorist organization HYDRA who runs up against both Captain America and Nick Fury.” Personally I would have loved to have seen Baron Zemo but that is just me. Maybe they are saving him for when the Masters of Evil show up? 

Movie News
Movies_logo (#1) Website Latino Review claim that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mystery project is going to be the Justice League movie. They also claim that Justice League will film back to back after Batman Vs. Superman. Latino Review stated: “”Besides maximizing everyone’s schedules, the reason for this is because Batman Vs. Superman is going to end with an insane cliffhanger/teaser that leads right into Justice League.” It’s all rumor and speculation on their part though…

(#2) Another rumor pertaining to Justice League is that actor Jason Momoa looks to be heavily favored to play the part of Aquaman.

(#3) Alongside the confirmed casting of Michael Douglas, two other names are floating around as potential hirings to play two unknown roles: Michael Pena and Clifton Collins Jr. Also the frontrunners for the female lead include Rashida Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard. Supposedly this female lead is going to be the daughter of the second male lead which we can only assume is Douglas.

Television Newstvlogo (#1) NBC have ordered a pilot to be made for the previously proposed Constantine TV series. If they pick it up that would be a DC Comic show on CW, NBC, and FOX. What an accomplishment!

 (#2) Actor Bill Paxton is coming to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD for a multi-episode arc of at least four episodes. He’ll be playing “John Garrett, a SHIELD agent from Marvel Comics, best known for his first appearance as a major player in Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz’s classic Elektra: Assassin miniseries. In recent years, Garrett – who was turned into a cyborg in the comics – has popped up in issues of Secret Warriors and Daredevil.” Executive Producer Jed Whedon elaborated: “We wanted to bring in a rough-and-tumble former cohort of Agent Coulson with a little bit of attitude and cigar-smoking swagger. When Garrett got his promotion to Level 7, he refused to sit behind a desk and doesn’t like the formalities of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s going to help Coulson solve some mysteries and is not afraid to rig an explosive or two.”

(#3) AMC network chief Charlie Collier updated us on the status of The Walking Dead spinoff show: “It is not as far along as the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul. Robert Kirkman has some things on his plate. He continues to write every issue of the comic and hasn’t finished season four of The Walking Dead, which he is very intimately involved with and will continue to be. That’s really in the incubation stages. The one thing that I’ll share is just an anecdote that Robert shared with us. He has such a specific vision that he laid out really clearly in the first issue of the comic book. And I encourage anybody who’s interested in the show to go read the note that he wrote in the first issue of the comic. His motivation for telling that story was so clear and so powerful, and it served as such a great north star for the show. We kicked around a few ideas, but primarily what he’s working on is, what is the idea that gives him as clear a mandate to make another version of this show as he had for the first one? What is going on now is a more philosophical discussion over why there should be another version of the show. Once we answer that, we’ll zero in on the specific creative.”

(#4) Remember that “young Wonder Woman” TV show that CW was developing called Amazon? Yeah…that isn’t happening. CW CEO Mark Pedowitz had this to say: “We did not go forward with it… It all depends on the script. We were very careful with Arrow and we’re being very careful with Flash. These are iconic characters so we’re going to be very careful with Wonder Woman. You only get one shot before you get bit.” I’m fine with this as I really didn’t want to see a pre-Wonder Woman show on the island anyways. Hourman and iZombie are still in development though.

(#5) Conan O’Brien broke the news on Twitter that the Adam West Batman TV series is finally coming to DVD!


Other Comic Media News
other-logoThere was no notable news that wasn’t either Movie or TV related.

Comic Book Cosplay of the Week catwoman________________________________________________________ivy and batman________________________________________________________

And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

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