The Comic Connection: Issue #34

comicconnection Welcome to the thirty-fourth edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Monthly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art along with links to my favourite blogs. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last time I asked “Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Yay or Nay?” To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@paul_bowler: I think Gal Gadot will be great as Wonder Woman in Superman Vs Batman. Really looking forward to this film, lets hope this leads to a Wonder Woman film as well

@ReidVanier: I’m less concerned about Gal Godot as Wonder Woman as I am about how the film is going to treat the character. I have this nagging fear that Wonder Woman is going to be love triangle leverage either between Supes and Lois or between Clark and Bruce – both of which would be criminal underselling of the character. So I guess I say yay to Gal Godot because, as you`ve pointed out, stranger casting has turned out great. I`m just hoping they give Wonder Woman the proper film treatment.

@SidekickReviews: My first reaction is she’s gorgeous. My second is who is Gal Gadot? After looking her up, I remember her from Fast Five but she didn’t have a prominent dramatic or action role to gauge her acting abilities. I haven’t seen her in anything else. To get the role of Wonder Woman she would have had multiple screen tests and the approval of the director & studio execs. I’m a Yay mainly because I want to keep an open mind and will judge her on her own merits after watching the movie. I do hear the nay sayers who point out that she’s hasn’t proven she can carry her own movie yet, assuming the studio intends on using Superman Vs Batman to spin off a solo film.

Thanks to all that shared! Now we move onto this week’s question:


“Which character do you want to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portray in a DC Movie?”

Last week Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson proclaimed that he had a meeting with a higher up at Warner Bros. for a DC project, a project that was most likely a movie. This fueled fan speculation of which of the numerous characters from DC’s pantheon could he possibly portray. Not wanting to be left out, I thought I’d get in on the action and list my Top 3 characters that I think he’d be best suited for. Without further ado:

Green Lantern (John Stewart)

This is the latest rumor circulating around and one that I could really see work. After Ryan Reynolds gave Hal Jordan a spin, the next step without totally disregarding that movie is to feature John Stewart. He is a Green Lantern that was “the man” for a good amount of people thanks to the Justice League animated series. The Rock has the charisma and the likability factor and this casting choice would also enable us to see Mark Strong back as Sinestro. Same universe but with a new character that gives the franchise a second chance.

Black Adam

The one that always comes up and for good reason. He has the look and the physicality to represent this villain. He would lend the star appeal that would enable DC to take a chance on a Captain Marvel film since Billy Batson and most likely Captain Marvel would be unknowns. He is the living embodiment of Black Adam and he has the acting chops to make him not a two-dimensional villain but one that the audience could feel for in regards to his back story.

Lex Luthor:

Something that hasn’t come up in any casting theories is this one. When people think of the Rock being in Superman Vs. Batman they don’t go with this character as their choice but I say why not? DC has been rumored to be wanting a good-looking, “champion of the people” and the Rock would fit the bill perfectly. He has the aforementioned charisma to make people believe in him and the charm to convince Metropolis’ citizens to rally against this alien known as Superman. I think he would be an absolutely fantastic choice and I’d love to see him play a truly conniving bad guy that you would love to hate

As for the other rumors circulating about: A Lobo solo film won’t happen since DC aren’t willing to take a chance on more established characters like Wonder Woman or Flash. Doomsday is a villainous role that would be a waste of his talents since the role is more muscle then acting. Finally, Cyborg should be played by a much younger man then Mr. Johnson. That’s why, in my opinion, John Stewart, Black Adam, and Lex Luthor are my top choices with Luthor being my personal number one. Only time will tell what the future brings for the Rock and DC though…


Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Dennis Budd. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

marker_justice_league_by_dennisbudd-d5tb9sn________________________________________________________Wonder_Woman_2_by_DennisBudd________________________________________________________Wolverine_by_DennisBudd________________________________________________________psylocke_by_dennisbudd-d3b5ejg________________________________________________________Power_Girl_by_DennisBudd________________________________________________________ Rogue_by_DennisBudd________________________________________________________Blog Quote Bubble

In this section I’ll highlight the various WordPress based blogs that I recommend:

House of Flying Scalpels
Cover of the Week, Iconic Panel Art, and awesome reviews.

Sci-Fi Jubilee
Really nice in-depth reviews from a perfect gentleman residing in the UK.

Sidekick Reviews
Blog I go to for excellent The Walking Dead and S.H.I.E.L.D. episode reviews.

The Indigo Tribe
A blog about all things Green Lantern including reviews and musings.

Arousing Grammar
Great reviews that are a nice hybrid of commentary and full-page comic art.

X-Men X-Pert
A great blog that covers all things related to the X-Verse.

Bag & Bored
A comic book and entertainment review site run by a team of five. Varied content by a varied group.

Time Wants A Skeleton
Reviews of comics, TV shows, and more. Never afraid to make her opinion known and all the better for it.

Disaster Couch
A self-professed dork of all trades who shares his views on a whole wealth of subjects.

The Comic Book Stop
A blog whose aim is to spread news and produce quality comic reviews.

Modern Mythologies
Exploring comic book rivalries and retro reviews with some pretty in-depth and engaging pieces.


That wraps up the thirty-fourth edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

6 thoughts on “The Comic Connection: Issue #34

  1. Of the rumoured roles for The Rock so far, Black Adam is definitely my favourite. I can picture him being quite good in the role, but also Black Adam is a villain with enough power that he could be a feasible reason for the Justice League to form.

    But, for the sake of idle speculation and, more importantly, fun conversation, here are some other characters (most of which, I know, are pretty much 100% unlikely to be a good idea for a movie) that The Rock would probably be great as:

    – Major Force
    – Blockbuster
    – Kilowog
    – Metamorpho
    – Metallo
    – Clayface
    – S.T.R.I.P.E.
    – Atom Smasher

    In all of the above cases, it’s fun to think about the Rock as these characters but none would be a good choice for the JL movie.

    • What a great list. Picturing the Rock playing any of those characters would be something to see…albeit something that will never happen for most. The Rock as Metallo: I could see as a real possibility though considering the character is rumored to be in Batman VS Superman. Thanks for adding to the discussion!

  2. Some great possibilities there, Johnson would be great as GL (John Stewart, and he also has the physicality to be Black Adam as well. Not sure about Lex Luthor, but don’t see why not. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Well they have hinted that DC is thinking about making Lex African-American…though personally I’d love to see Michael Rosenbaum. He will always be my #1 Lex, next to Clancy Brown in the animated series that is.

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