Around The Web: Week 7 (Lego Movie, Stephanie Brown, H.I.S.H.E., & Top Comic-Based Tweets)


Welcome to Around The Web! It’s premise is to highlight various comic book related content including the very best Tweets, links to interesting trailers/videos, and everything in between. It is a feature that will evolve and grow over time so consider this Version 1.0. With that said, let’s take a look at the very best of the week that was:


Hot Clips

The Lego Movie “Untitled Self Portrait” By Batman

I’ll admit it: I saw the Lego Movie and it was fantastic. No, scratch that. Everything was awesome is more appropriate.

Batgirl: Spoiled – Episode 1

The first part of a fan project. Oracle, the Penguin, comedy, action and Stephanie Brown as Batgirl? What more could you possibly want?

How “Thor: The Dark World” Should Have Ended

Thor: The Dark World comes out February 25th to Blu-Ray and DVD. Why not have a look at How It Should Have Ended’s take on the movie?


Top Tweets


And that concludes this week’s edition of Around The Web! Have any comments on what was featured? Have any hot trailers/clips that you think I should feature? Comment below!

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