Around The Web: Week 10 (Arkham Knight Debuts, Arrow Comes Full Circle, Captain America’s Opening Salvo, & Top Comic-Based Tweets)


Welcome to Around The Web! It’s premise is to highlight various comic book related content including the very best Tweets, links to interesting trailers/videos, and everything in between. It is a feature that will evolve and grow over time so consider this Version 1.0. With that said, let’s take a look at the very best of the week that was:


Hot Clips

Batman: Arkham Knight Debut Trailer

I can’t imagine a better trailer to introduce us to the final game in the Rocksteady trilogy. Not only do we get our first glimpse of the new Batmobile (and its finally drivable in the game), not only do we get a sneak peek at some of the villains who are aligning together, but we get drop-dead gorgeous graphics and a terrific opening overlaid with Thomas Wayne speaking to his son. October can’t come soon enough!

Arrow: Full Circle Promo

If you haven’t caught up with Arrow (last night’s episode excluded) then I would avoid this promo unless you want one big SPOILER. If you have caught up, what we get is one epic trailer that showcases the next few episodes of this excellent series. You’ve got Oliver meeting ____. The formation of the _____ _____. The return of ______. And how about that ending? Simply fantastic! You can fill in the blanks for yourself, once you are ready that is…

Captain America: The Winter Solider Extended Opening and Trailer

We get our first look at the opening scene before dovetailing into a trailer. I have to say I like what I saw. One of my Top 2 most anticipated movies of the year is looking pretty darn good indeed.


Top Tweets


And that concludes this week’s edition of Around The Web! Have any comments on what was featured? Have any hot trailers/clips that you think I should feature? Comment below!

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