Retroactive: The Flash 1977 & Uncanny X-Men 1985


My Favourite Covers


Okay, so our journey through the past is complete for this week but which covers reign supreme? For Flash, the crown goes to: The Flash #246. My number one cover for this year is one filled with questions and shock value. On it we have the Flash, completely surprised, as he stands over the smoking dead body of Abra Kadabra. While he stands there dumbfounded at the events that have transpired, two policemen have their guns drawn, stating “You’re under arrest, Flash…for murder!” Say it isn’t so! The Flash tries to explain as he utters “He…he…made me do it!” Why would Abra Kadabra compel Flash to kill him? What would the villain get out of it? What is going on with Flash’s glowing hand? Is Abra Kadabra really dead? And how will the Flash get out of this sticky predicament? Questions, questions, questions! And what these questions created by this cover do is successfully convince us to pick up the issue for ourselves to discover the answers. For Uncanny X-Men, the title goes to: Uncanny X-Men #196. Emblazoned on the cover is a masked villain preying on a group of helpless and unconscious women. It’s a little hard to make out due to them being obscured and drenched in a uniform pink colour but by the looks of things these women could in fact be members of the X-Men from all accounts including Kitty Pryde and Storm. If you mess with the X-Men though the vengeance and wrath of Wolverine is sure to follow as is evident by the hand and popped claws in the foreground, drenched in an ominous red hue, his claws glinting in the light. Backing up this powerful entrance is Wolverine’s shadow on the brick wall, his presence all the more impactful and stunning. While most people would be scared at the prospect of facing such a man, this villain is anything but scared, even offering him a defiant look in return. It wasn’t until after doing some research that I learned who this “villain” was, much to my surprise being none other than fellow X-Man Rachel Summers herself. It is a completely unexpected revelation for me and just adds an extra juicy layer to what is already an awesome cover.

So that’s it for this week. Agree/Disagree? Which covers are your personal favourites from this week? Comment below!

5 thoughts on “Retroactive: The Flash 1977 & Uncanny X-Men 1985

  1. I really like UXM Annual # 9. The first thing that drove me mad about this cover is the gorgeous building upon which the X – Men are standing. This building is very sumptuous, meticulously drawn and wonderfully coloured: it is so beautiful that it worths the gold medal alone.
    Upon this marvel of architecture you can see a unicorn… oh, wait: what is a unicorn doing in a X – Men comic book? The question – raising presence of this animal gives the cover a very nice fairytale vibe, and is another detail that worths the gold medal alone.
    I also love the purple sky (it perfectly matches up with the colours used for the building), the tagline (Storm Goddess of Thunder: so powerful!), the dynamic poses of the X – Men… yes, this cover definitely deserves the first prize.
    As for Flash, I pick issue # 256. Eyes wide open, face bathed in sweat, hands sliding down the cheeks… everything in this close – up of Flash’s face is very eye – catching and helps building a dramatic atmosphere in a very effective way, so this cover wins the gold medal with ease in my personal ranking.

    • “I really like UXM Annual # 9.”
      A great Retroactive review by wwayne yet again. I agree that the tagline is superb and the concept as a whole is whimsical in its execution. My runner- up would be another Storm-centric cover (UXM 198). My favourite part of the cover is actually the meticulously drawn and downright beautiful background.

      “As for Flash, I pick issue # 256.”
      And here is my runner-up for Flash. Not only is the image fantastic but the enticing captions are as well. The Flash is mentally a prisoner in his own past? Battling a dead foe? Being driven out of his mind? What is going on?

      Thanks, as always, for sharing your choices!

  2. Really like Flash #252 where his leg is stretching after the Elongated Man grabs his boot. It makes you wonder what has happened to Flash and his powers to do this, its quite funny as well, but also serious as its stopping Flash in his tracks. The Flash always had such great covers, something different and unusual.

    This time I pick Uncanny X-Men #199 for my X-Men choice with Rachael as Phoneix on the cover. I really liked the character of Rachael, always thought the way they did the Phoenix effect for her and her costume was really good and this eye catching cover is brilliant.

    Great instalment of Retroactive, have a brilliant weekend!

    • “The Flash always had such great covers, something different and unusual.”
      They sure did run the gauntlet of ideas! 🙂

      “I really liked the character of Rachael, always thought the way they did the Phoenix effect for her and her costume was really good and this eye catching cover is brilliant.”
      I’ve become a fan of the character in the recent years. I’m always holding out hope that they can come up with a creative way to include her in the live-action movie franchise.

      “Great instalment of Retroactive, have a brilliant weekend!”
      Thanks and I hope your weekend is going awesome as well!

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