Retroactive: The Flash 1978 & Uncanny X-Men 1986


Uncanny X-Men (1986)


Uncanny X-Men #201(January 1986)UXM201

Uncanny X-Men #202(February 1986)UXM202

Uncanny X-Men #203(March 1986)UXM203

Uncanny X-Men #204(April 1986)UXM204

Uncanny X-Men #205(May 1986)UXM205

Uncanny X-Men #206(June 1986)UXM206

Uncanny X-Men #207(July 1986)UXM207

Uncanny X-Men #208(August 1986)UXM208

Uncanny X-Men #209(September 1986)UXM209

Uncanny X-Men #210(October 1986)UXM210

Uncanny X-Men #211(November 1986)UXM211

Uncanny X-Men #212(December 1986)UXM212

Uncanny X-Men Annual #10(December 1986)UXMA10



7 thoughts on “Retroactive: The Flash 1978 & Uncanny X-Men 1986

  1. I really like Flash # 261.
    This cover immediately caught my attention because of its unusual perspective. We’re seeing the scene from on high, and the characters depicted in the image are so far from the ground that, if you look under their feet, this cover makes you feel dizzy. It takes a really talented artist to stir up such a vivid emotion.
    The thought bubble is another detail that won me over. “I don’t care if the Ringmaster is the new superhero in town… he won’t get away with stealing my wife!” This short but incisive inner dialogue foreshadows two very typical situations:
    – A love triangle;
    – The hero saving a damsel in distress.
    I don’t like the second cliché very much, but I do appreciate love triangles, so a cover showing this situation has a big chance to get the gold medal in my personal ranking.
    Also, notice that the Flash can’t fly, so he could hurtle down if he doesn’t manage to cling to the Ringmaster: he decided to jump towards the villain knowing in advance how risky that move was, and this speaks volumes about how brave the Flash is and how much he loves his wife.
    I also love the dynamic pose of the Flash, the detailed background, the enticing tagline under the Ringmaster’s feet… yes, this cover definitely deserves the gold medal.
    As for the X – Men, I completely agree with the X – cover you chose. Special mention for UXM # 207:gotta love those claws tearing the cover apart! : )

    • “I really like Flash # 261.”
      I great selection due to the very reason you listed. A phenomenal angle mixed with one big question: why would a so-called hero steal another man’s wife? Is he not a hero at all? Is that, as the caption states, “the sensational secret behind the Ringmaster” that the cover is challenging us to guess? My runner-up would go to #268. The Flash, Wildcat, and Green Lantern fighting over…a comic book? A comic that has Jay Garrick on the cover? It’s the comic book that hold the world’s greatest secret! This image has my undivided attention.

      “Special mention for UXM # 207:gotta love those claws tearing the cover apart”
      And I would direct special attention to #202. A nice demonstration of how large these threats know as the Sentinels are against our X-Men, dwarfing them as they do battle on a snowy night.

      Thanks, as always, for sharing your selections.

  2. Yay, we picked the same cover for the Flash! Really like the cover of The Flash #260 with such a good mystery unfolding around Flash as he puzzles over what is happening. This cover really makes you want to dive into this issue an find out whats happening.

    Uncanny X-Men #203 is one of my fave ever issue! I links in with Secret Wars II when the Beyonder arrives on Earth. Rachael / Phoenix decides to attack and kill him. This is a brilliant issue, with Rachael going all out to destroy the Beyonder, and there are some great scenes between Phoenix and the X-Men. The cover is simple but really captures the raw power Phoenix has got to fight the Beyonder. Yep, I love this issue and this cover! Great retroactive and fun to revisit one of my fave periods in the X-Men comics.

    • “Uncanny X-Men #203 is one of my fave ever issue!”
      A simply great caption on this cover as well: “The Universe isn’t big enough for both of them.” An excellent cover for what is an awesome issue as you put it. A nice one-two punch indeed.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and for providing your selections. Much appreciated. 🙂

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