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On December 22nd, 2013 I posted a new feature entitled Creatively Speaking. It was described as follows: “What is Creatively Speaking you ask? Well, it is something rather dear to my heart. It has always been my goal to one day join the ranks of the esteemed comic professionals, to actually have a comic that I wrote get published. My one hurdling block? I can’t draw. As luck would have it though I’ve found someone who is willing to take the journey with me, someone who has a quirky and unique style that would fit a whole number of genres. This feature is going to be a monthly update, a glance at my personal journey of seeing that dream hopefully become a reality.”

The key word there was “monthly feature.” So what happened? Shortly after the holiday season my artistic friend left his job to pursue another one and all our momentum came to a crashing halt. As he settled in to his new vocational, weeks would go by with just a quick “how are you doing?” It appeared that all hope was lost…until recently. Things are going real well for him and the time has come again that we may resume our comic voyage together. This also means that Creatively Speaking will return as I once again chronicle our progress, our trials and tribulations, and (hopefully) our eventual triumph.

The first entry of Creatively Speaking ended with this: “I provided him with examples of each artist’s work and he was off and running. The end result, the artist that best suited his abilities? Well it was none other than Bryan Lee O’Malley. With this info in hand it was now my turn to formulate some ideas that would best suit his choice. Over the years I have amassed over 75 different concepts so my main hurdling block would be to narrow it down to the Top 10 that would fit tonally with the art. As I began to do just that, I also began to prepare a crash course to introduce him into the wonderful world of comics. I’ve got my work cut out for me.” That is exactly where we will pick-up again: Comic Book 101.

If you want a quick refresher of how it all started, why don’t you check out the first part HERE? And stay tuned as I prepare for Part 2.

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looking-aheadThe resurgence of my personal comic book project slowed things down this week on the Speech Bubble. It looks like this week will be another week of Retroactives, one every day, Tuesday-Sunday, in order to get back on track. Hopefully everyone gets as much of a kick out of them as I do.

 On that note, this week’s offering of Between The Continuity has reached its end. I hope everyone has an excellent week and manages to read some great stuff. Until next time, I leave you with three words that sum up this blog and life in general:



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