“Welcome Back Manapul, Loki Weaves A Fine Tale, & Starlight Shines” – The Top 5 & Comic Book Rankings: 04/02/14-04/08/14

Independent Comics Rankings

Ranking Title Ranking Change Weeks At This Ranking
1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 18 WEEKS
2 Quantum & Woody 9 WEEKS
3 Morning Glories 9 WEEKS
4 Five Weapons 5 WEEKS
5 Ghostbusters 1 WEEK
6 Mind The Gap 1 WEEK
7 Alex + Ada 1 WEEK
8 Jupiter’s Legacy 1 WEEK
9 Starlight + 1 0 WEEKS
10 Rocket Girl – 1 0 WEEKS
11 Serenity: Leaves on the Wind 4 WEEKS
12 Furious 1 WEEK
13 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 1 WEEK
14 Five Ghosts 1 WEEK
15 Mark Waid’s Green Hornet 1 WEEK
16 Indestructible 1 WEEK
17 Angel & Faith NEW SERIES 0 WEEKS

In Summation
The newest volume of Angel & Faith was a shell of its former self but I’m willing to give it a chance and have subsequently debuted it in Last Place. The only other notable mention goes to Starlight which climbed one Rank to break into the single digital Rankings club. 


Did your favourites make the list? Agree/Disagree with their placements? Feel I should be reading a particular series? Have a different Top 5 Comics from the week that was? Comment below!

2 thoughts on ““Welcome Back Manapul, Loki Weaves A Fine Tale, & Starlight Shines” – The Top 5 & Comic Book Rankings: 04/02/14-04/08/14

  1. http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2014/11/01/vote-for-the-top-100-comic-book-writers-and-artists-of-all-time/

    My votes went to:

    1. Frank Miller
    2. Garth Ennis
    3. Dennis O’ Neil
    4. Greg Rucka
    5. Jeph Loeb
    6. Brian Michael Bendis
    7. Ed Brubaker
    8. John Arcudi
    9. Peter Milligan
    10. Jeff Lemire

    1. Todd McFarlane
    2. David Mazzucchelli
    3. Lee Bermejo
    4. Doug Mahnke
    5. Greg Capullo
    6. CAFU
    7. Juan José Ryp
    8. Francisco Herrera
    9. Chris Batista
    10. Joe Madureira

    • I admire you that you are able to narrow down decades worth of writers and artists and whittle it down to your Top 10. I for one have an extremely hard time doing that and can’t fathom picking 10 let alone ranking them. I know looking at your list I’d add Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Grant Morrison for sure. The writers that got me most interested in comics were definitely Loeb, Bendis, and Johns. For artists? I just can’t do it as there are too many. Thanks for sharing your list though. 🙂

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