The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14


It is time once again to look at the very best Comics from the week that was. A reminder that only comics that I have read are up for consideration. With that said, let’s revisit which comics I picked up this week:

Aquaman #30
Avengers Undercover #3
Batman Eternal #3
Batman/Superman #9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #2
Daredevil #2
Dead Boy Detectives #5
Elektra #1
Fantastic Four #3
Five Ghosts #11
The Flash #30
Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Justice League United #0
Larfleeze #10
Original Sin #0
Red Lanterns #30
Superman #30
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #33
Uncanny Avengers #19

In total there were 19 titles to choose from but in the end five emerged as the cream of the crop. Which five were they? Find out below though be warned that there will be SPOILERS.


#5 __________________________

#4 __________________________

#3 __________________________

#2 __________________________

#1 ________________________________________________________


6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

    • They had a quick flashback frame of him killing Elektra and then later on the newest villain broke into a secure facility to get to the paralysed version of Bullseye.

      • I figured it was a flashback of that scene. It became so iconic that you can find a reference to it in about half of the comics Elektra appears in. Thanks for the info! : )

  1. I really enjoyed Daredevil #2 as well and Batman Eternal #3 was brilliant. I’m really enjoying my weekly issues of this Batman adventure its been so exciting 😀

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