The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

#5The Fifth Best Comic of 04/23/14

Original Sin #0
Original Sin #0

Marvel Comics
Creative Team
Mark Waid, Jim Cheung, and Paco Medina
Why It Was Awesome
The very first issue of Marvel’s next big event was everything I could hope for. It had some gorgeous art while also shedding some light on the Watcher. We learned about his history and why he only watches, never interfering, in quite a heart-wrenching story. On the flip side, the issue also shone its spotlight on the newest Nova, a character that I haven’t really followed but after reading this issue I’m quite intrigued by. Not only did this prelude set-up who are future murder victim was but it elevated the character of Nova in my mind. Terrific moments aplenty left me eagerly awaiting the grand start of the murder mystery event.


6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

    • They had a quick flashback frame of him killing Elektra and then later on the newest villain broke into a secure facility to get to the paralysed version of Bullseye.

      • I figured it was a flashback of that scene. It became so iconic that you can find a reference to it in about half of the comics Elektra appears in. Thanks for the info! : )

  1. I really enjoyed Daredevil #2 as well and Batman Eternal #3 was brilliant. I’m really enjoying my weekly issues of this Batman adventure its been so exciting 😀

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