The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

#1The Absolute Best Comic of 04/23/14

Batman Eternal #3
Batman Eternal #3

DC Comics
Creative Team
Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, and Jason Fabok
Why It Was Awesome
For those that know me, this issue would have made it into my Top 5 just for the appearance of one of my favourite DC characters in the form of Stephanie Brown. While she wasn’t in the issue too much, albeit more than I originally suspected, it was the perfect way to reintroduce her to us why tying into the current mystery unfolding in this weekly series. Not only did we get her involvement and the tease of a mystery super-villain but a lot of other events occurred including Falcone making his move against the Penguin and a new corrupt Intern-Commissioner being crowned. A definite improvement over the second issue and arguably the best so far of this young series, it has me relieved that I only have to wait until next week to read the fourth chapter.

So those are my Top 5 comics. Agree/Disagree with my decisions? Think I left out a notable issue? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Comic Countdown: 04/23/14

    • They had a quick flashback frame of him killing Elektra and then later on the newest villain broke into a secure facility to get to the paralysed version of Bullseye.

      • I figured it was a flashback of that scene. It became so iconic that you can find a reference to it in about half of the comics Elektra appears in. Thanks for the info! : )

  1. I really enjoyed Daredevil #2 as well and Batman Eternal #3 was brilliant. I’m really enjoying my weekly issues of this Batman adventure its been so exciting 😀

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