Between The Continuity – Relaxation Time Is Over



Once again, I hope everyone had an awesome Canada Day and Independence Day. I had a little bit of extra time off which enabled me to catch up on a good deal of my comic book backlog alongside other projects around the house. What this means is that you should be seeing at least two editions of my Top 5 Comic Countdown out this week.

While the content that came out last week was a bit light due to me taking a little bit of relaxation time, this week I look to refocus. I also had some time to reflect on different methods to take this blog to the next level, musings that I will go more in-depth with next week’s edition of Between The Continuity.

Other than that, this edition is pretty short and sweet as I get back into gear. Hope everyone has an awesome week including a Super New Comic Book Day!


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looking-aheadLike I said, next time I will go over the various tools at my disposal for promotion and my game plan in regards to each one.

On that note, this week’s offering of Between The Continuity has reached its end. I hope everyone has an excellent week and manages to read some great stuff. Until next time, I leave you with three words that sum up this blog and life in general:




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