Comic Rundown: The Punisher #7 (A Guest Review by wwayne)

Punisher by SpineBender on deviantArt

Punisher # 7 has a very simple (yet very entertaining) story.

Frank is seriously wounded: of course he can’t go to a hospital, so he wanders in Southern Mexico until he finds an unlicensed surgeon who can close his wounds. Unfortunately, as soon as Frank falls asleep, that surgeon decides to sell him to a two-bit cartel leader. An unconscious Punisher is then transferred to the cartel leader’s headquarters, and once he arrives there he gets chained, tortured and imprisoned. And then the cartel leader decides to sell the Punisher once again.

You’d think he’ll to be sold to a mafia boss, but Edmonson decides to follow a completely unexpected narrative path: Frank gets sold to Crossbones, a Captain America villain. I love when a supporting character of a series appears in another comic book, so I deeply appreciated this narrative choice. When Crossbones arrives to the cartel leader’s headquarters, Frank has already managed to get rid of his chains, and started doing what he does best: killing any crook in his way.

When Crossbones and Frank meet, of course they begin to shoot at each other, until the Punisher manages to jump on a car and escape from the headquarters. Shortly after, Frank must abandon the vehicle because Crossbones had hit its engine and made it explode. Frank can’t go far on his feet, so he decides to buy some time and hides himself in the vegetation surrounding the headquarters. A few minutes later Crossbones and the remaining crooks manage to find him, so the issue ends with Frank killing some of them. The cliffhanger is: will he manage to kill them all? And if so, how will he get out from that Mexican jungle?

In Punisher # 7 you can find everything an action packed comic book should have: gunfights, explosions, high-speed vehicle pursuits and so on. A lot of comic books have all these things, but in this case there’s a first-rate writer working on it, and this definitely makes a big difference. Edmonson’s Punisher is not a mere motley collection of action packed scenes: each issue always has a much more clever and entertaining plot, and that’s what makes this series so much better than all the other similar comic books out there.

If you haven’t read this series so far, Punisher # 7 is a great jumping-on point. Give this series a chance: you won’t be disappointed.

RATING: ★★★★★★★★★★

Written by: wwayne

4 thoughts on “Comic Rundown: The Punisher #7 (A Guest Review by wwayne)

  1. I’m really honoured that you decided to publish my review. Thank you for posting it in a very short time. I hope that this post will convince some of your readers to give the Punisher a try, because it definitely deserves to become as successful as possible. Thank you again! : )

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