Retroactive Special Edition: Detective Comics Through The Decades


Detective Comics (2010’s)


Detective Comics 2010
Detective Comics 2011
Detective Comics 2012
Detective Comics 2013

My Overall Pick
Detective Comics #871This one immediately stood out to me as nothing short of awesome. The Dark Knight emerges from the shadows, drenched in blacks himself. Being unable to read any emotion from him, rendering him as a looming force of nature works magnificently and really captures the reader’s attention and focus. The background is simply beautiful, ripe with interesting texture and pattern, utilizing blacks, whites, and pale blues. At Batman’s feet emerge numerous bats, some coloured in traditional black while others being rendered in white. This contrasting colour choice mixed with the copious amount of them succeeds in creating some wonderful visual flair. Add that stunning image to the terrific title (The Black Mirror) and you see how I couldn’t possibly give the crown to any other cover.

And that concludes our look back at Detective Comics. As I mentioned, I’m eager to hear what everyone else thinks so leave your selections for each decade below. Remember there is no right or wrong answer – only many, many, awesome covers.

10 thoughts on “Retroactive Special Edition: Detective Comics Through The Decades

  1. Detective #476 with the Joker fish is another real big favourite of mine, really like this storyline as well, and the final battle here between Batman and the Joker is just stunning. Detective #478 featuring Clayface is a really spooky cover, with Batman finding the remains of one of Clayface’s victims. I always liked this version of Clayface best, the way he melted people into clay with a touch, it was really gruesome.

    • I agree that 476 is brilliant and creepy. I’ve never had the pleasure of reading it but it is my goal in life to eventually read every issue of Detective Comics ever produced. Quite a herculean task indeed. Thanks for sharing your favs! 🙂

      • #476 is one of my favorite issues, its brilliant. The final battle between Batman and the Joker in this issue, well its awesome! Well worth tracking down, stunning art at well 😀

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