Retroactive Special Edition: Detective Comics Through The Decades


Detective Comics (1970’s)


Detective Comics 1970
Detective Comics 1971
Detective Comics 1972
Detective Comics 1973
Detective Comics 1974
Detective Comics 1975
Detective Comics 1976
Detective Comics 1977
Detective Comics 1978
Detective Comics 1979

My Overall Pick
Detective Comics #457. The death of Batman’s parents is what shaped him into becoming the hero he is. Their death is the event that weighs on him constantly and the way that they were murdered established the reason for his strong hatred towards guns and the criminal element that was running unchecked on the streets of Gotham. Factoring that all in, this cover is the perfect visual representation of Batman thinking back to that tragic night all those years ago. The background is a solid black which not only helps sell the melancholy tone and the sombre subject matter featured within but also helps keep the reader’s focus on the central image. Speaking of the central image, we have the head of Batman, a look of reflection plastered on his face. With the aid of the artist we can clearly see he is thinking of that aforementioned night as the flashback image is superimposed onto Batman’s cowl. The image features a young Bruce Wayne cradling the bodies of his dead parents as the murderer runs away with his gun still smoking. The scene has also got a sickly green and yellow colouring applied to it which helps make the overall cover that much better by unifying the entire scene while limiting the colours so that it doesn’t overwhelm us.


10 thoughts on “Retroactive Special Edition: Detective Comics Through The Decades

  1. Detective #476 with the Joker fish is another real big favourite of mine, really like this storyline as well, and the final battle here between Batman and the Joker is just stunning. Detective #478 featuring Clayface is a really spooky cover, with Batman finding the remains of one of Clayface’s victims. I always liked this version of Clayface best, the way he melted people into clay with a touch, it was really gruesome.

    • I agree that 476 is brilliant and creepy. I’ve never had the pleasure of reading it but it is my goal in life to eventually read every issue of Detective Comics ever produced. Quite a herculean task indeed. Thanks for sharing your favs! 🙂

      • #476 is one of my favorite issues, its brilliant. The final battle between Batman and the Joker in this issue, well its awesome! Well worth tracking down, stunning art at well 😀

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