My Time With Batman

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Batman has had a long and storied career in comics as this week celebrates his 75th Anniversary but he has also had a long and storied career in all types of other media. In fact my very first experience with the character was not a comic but a television series. With this being my second special edition for Bat-Week, I decided now was the perfect time to share my experiences with the character in the various forms of media.


The Early Years

This was my first experience with the character and what an experience it was. I would watch this show religiously and it didn’t matter if it was a rerun or not. It wasn’t until many years later that I would finally nab it on DVD and be granted the opportunity to watch it from start to finish. This was where I fell in love with the character of Batman, Joker, and many others. All these years later and it’s still as good as it was back in the 90s. One day I hope to pass on its greatness to my own kids and experience it all over again through new eyes.

My next experience with the character was the original 1989 movie by Tim Burton. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker was etched in my mind and after watching it on satellite TV I immediately went out into the backyard and re-enacted the entire movie to the best of my abilities. Yes, at this point they certainly had me hooked. It did create a lot of confusion for me down the road though as I thought the Joker had always been the one who had murdered Bruce’s parents and I wondered where this Joe Chill character even came from down the road…

At this point my Batman obsession was growing and growing and I began to amass a few action figures, toys, and even bed sheets. Everything I owned was connected to this movie, Batman Returns, a much darker yet still riveting movie. Being young, some things went over my head but that didn’t mitigate my excitement of seeing the Penguin and Catwoman come to life.

My early years with the character concluded with the release of this feature-length movie based on the animated series, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. It was an exceptional film that only got better with subsequent viewing as the years went by. Back then it blew my mind that one of my favourite TV shows was getting the big screen treatment and the day my parents rented it from the video store I was beyond excited.





3 thoughts on “My Time With Batman

  1. My experience with Batman started with the animated series as well. No surprise that my first Bat – comic book (Batman Adventures # 22) was inspired from that show.
    Shortly after I started reading the “adult” Bat – comic books as well: in fact, my second Bat – issue was Legends of the Dark Knight # 14. Since then I’ve never stopped buying Bat – issues, and I think I’ll never do that.
    As for the live action movies, the first one I saw was Batman & Robin. Exactly like you, I was so young that the campiness of that movie wasn’t a problem for me – on the contrary, it made the movie even more appealing to me. Now that I think about it, I read my first Bat – comic book and I saw my first Bat – movie while I was on holiday.
    Shortly after seeing Batman & Robin, I bought the vhs of Batman Forever, which quickly became the one I used to see more, along with Men in Black and The Eraser. Probably a big part of my passion for action packed movies and comics is due to the fact that I saw The Eraser countless times when I was a child.
    Later on the Nolan trilogy came out: I didn’t like the first chapter very much, but the other two are absolute masterpieces.
    As for the recent Bat – comics, in the last years I found out that the ones starring Batman’s supporting characters tend to be much better than the ones starring Batman himself. Nightwing, for example, has been constantly great for years.
    Exactly like you, after Batman I discovered many DC characters and DC comic books that are not related to the Bat – world: the ones I enjoy most are Green Arrow and Grifter.
    Now Nightwing is gone, Grifter is gone, Lemire’s Green Arrow is about to end… but Batman still is at stake, and will always be, so I’m a satisfied reader anyway. : )

    • “No surprise that my first Bat – comic book (Batman Adventures # 22) was inspired from that show.”
      My first Batman comics was a free issue given away for buying school supplies called Batman: A Word To The Wise. It was a comic to promote child literacy and it featured the Joker.

      The second comic I ever got was the aforementioned sampler of the Long Halloween with my first issue of Batman that I ever purchased being Batman #655 (the first ever appearance of Damian Wayne). Since then my Batman collection both in single issue and trades has grown exponentially. 🙂

      “Now Nightwing is gone, Grifter is gone, Lemire’s Green Arrow is about to end… but Batman still is at stake, and will always be, so I’m a satisfied reader anyway.”
      Batman will go on forever and many generations in the future will grow up with his legend. Of that I am certain. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. It was much appreciated.

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