Retroactive: The Flash 1996 & Uncanny X-Men 2003


My Favourite Covers


Okay, so our journey through the past is complete for this week but which covers reign supreme?

For Flash, the crown goes to: The Flash Vol. 2 #117. Here we have quite an ominous and eye-catching cover that instantly grabbed my attention and stood out from the rest. In the foreground we have the Flash, a concerned almost shocked expression on his face. On his chest is a splash of blood, blood that could be his or could be from someone else. As we ponder which one it is we then take in the chilling and creepy background which is made to represent our hero’s iconic symbol. We have a white background, a red blood-like substance oozing and dripping down to consume the cover while leaving enough white to form the circle. Then we have a magnificent bolt of lightning streak across the image to complete the symbol in a rather dazzling display. Add all that to the black shadows that have swathed the Flash and we get a cover that clearly illustrates that we can expect danger and possibly death in this very issue. That it is the Flash’s symbol that is depicted in such a way leads us to believe that either our hero may perish or somehow his actions may lead to the demise of another individual. It piques our interest while looking awesome at the same time, the hallmark of a truly great cover.

 For Uncanny X-Men, the title goes to: Uncanny X-Men #415. It seems that whenever a cover utilizes rain that the element helps elevate any cover immediately. Not only do we get an expertly drawn rain storm but the way the artist used the various lightning bolts to illuminate the scene in a warm yellow glow, to highlight the main title in a neon-like effect, and the way it plays off the clouds is something special indeed. Front and centre we have Nigthcrawler, himself clung to a giant cross which we can only presume is on top of a church. His lack of clothes is an interesting feature as it gives him a more savage appearance to how we are used to seeing him and the way his eyes glow a vibrant yellow much like the lightning causes this demonic looking character to look even more dangerous. It is a stunning image overall but I can’t stress enough the colouring utilized. It channels the fury of the storm perfectly and enables this cover to rise above some stiff competition to emerge as the best of the best.

So that’s it for this week. Agree/Disagree? Which covers are your personal favourites from this week? Comment below!


8 thoughts on “Retroactive: The Flash 1996 & Uncanny X-Men 2003

  1. I completely agree with the X – cover you chose.
    Special mention for UXM # 416, because all those collapsed buildings help creating a post – apocalyptic atmosphere I absolutely adore. I also love the fact that the Juggernaut’s hand is grabbing the X of the title: perhaps this is a way to suggest that he holds the X – Men’s fate in the palm of his hand.
    The other gold medal goes to the Annual, because even in this case we have some details (collapsed buildings, Flash’s costume being in shreds and the tagline “Legends of the Dead Earth”) that make me think of a post – apocalyptic story.
    Special mention for Flash # 112: I love alternative outfits and Elseworlds stories, and this issue apparently offers both.
    Bronze medal for Flash # 119, because the outfit of the villain reminds me of one of my favorite Marvel villains (the Sin Eater).

    • “Special mention for UXM # 416.”
      Yes. I love this cover as well and it also earns my runner-up award. 3rd Place goes to another Juggernaut cover #430 with #421 just being edged out.

      “The other gold medal goes to the Annual, because even in this case we have some details (collapsed buildings, Flash’s costume being in shreds and the tagline “Legends of the Dead Earth”) that make me think of a post – apocalyptic story.”
      And this was my runner-up for the very reasons you listed. My Bronze medal goes to #113. I love the look on the Flash’s face as everyone around him worships the ground he runs on with giant Flash logos being projected in the sky. Where is he? The future? Looking at their outfits it is a good guess as is the tagline “Race Against Time.”

      Thanks, as always, for sharing your selections!

      • “3rd Place goes to another Juggernaut cover #430 with #421 just being edged out.” And my 3rd place goes to UXM # 432: a cover showing an attractive woman has a big chance to get a medal in my personal ranking. : )
        I also love how meticulously the cover artist drew her hair.
        The third reason why this cover gets the bronze medal is that this girl reminds me of Jubilee.
        UXM # 427 got very close to the 3rd prize, because of its detailed background and awesome lighting.
        “Thanks, as always, for sharing your selections!” Thank you as well for your replies! : )

  2. I like Flash Vol 1 #117 a very dark and foreboding scene, especially the way the Flash insignia is portrayed in the background, and the splash of blood on the Flash’s chest, very spooky. I also enjoyed seeing the cover of Uncanny X-men #421, what a great team picture, as they rush into action with the Juggernaut leading the charge. Very exciting!

    • We’re synchronized with our Flash choices while your UXM one is a stellar image that just barely missed making my Top 3 podium. Fantastic!

      Thanks for providing your choices. It is always appreciated! 🙂

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