Retroactive: Teen Titans 1965/1966 & Ultimate Spider-Man 2000


Teen Titans (1965/1966)


The Brave and the Bold #60(June 1965)tbatb60

Teen Titans #1(February 1966)tt1

Teen Titans #2(April 1966)tt2

Teen Titans #3(June 1966)tt3

Teen Titans #4(August 1966)tt4

Teen Titans #5(October 1966)tt5

Teen Titans #6(December 1966)tt6


6 thoughts on “Retroactive: Teen Titans 1965/1966 & Ultimate Spider-Man 2000

  1. I really like Teen Titans # 4.
    Speedy is shooting some flaming arrows towards his teammates: this act is so question – raising that I could give this cover the gold medal for this reason alone.
    And then you give Speedy a closer look, and you realize that he’s blindfolded. This detail raises another very interesting question: who put that blindfold upon his eyes and why?
    Thirdly, I love the fact that the scene is taking place in an olympic stadium. It’s another odd detail that makes this cover even more eye – widening and enticing.
    Now that I think about it, this could be the key to the puzzle: maybe Speedy thinks he’s competing for an olympic game, and he doesn’t know that by shooting those arrows he’s putting his teammates in serious danger.
    If my prediction is right, I can’t understand why the Teen Titans aren’t shouting “Stop!” to him. Maybe they’re so panic – stricken that they didn’t realize how easily they could save their lives.
    As for Spidey, you know how much I appreciate detailed backgrounds, so I completely agree with the cover you chose.

    • Teen Titans #4 was my runner-up for the very reasons you provided. In fact, I actually came so close to picking it that I started writing the paragraph with it in mind. I switched it last moment and started over but I am happy to see its brilliance recognized by someone else. 🙂

      As for USM, no shocker here that we are the same. We did have a 50/50 chance after all…

      Thanks for sharing your selections and for your sensational analysis!

  2. Well, great Teen Titans covers here, things I will have to go for no #1 thought, a nice classic cover to start the run. I really like the cover of Ultimate Spiderman #1 as well, great image of Spidey swinging through the city.

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