Your Day In Court, A Wacky Standoff, and Giving You The Finger: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/03/14

Second Placehawkeyevsdeadpool0Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

James Harren is the runner-up this week with this cover featuring our two title characters. It is a fun and absurd image that kicks off this mini-series in style. On one side we have Hawkeye unleashing arrow after arrow against his opponent on the other side, Deadpool, who is armed with a Nerf bow launching soft and squishy foam projectile after soft and squishy foam projectile. The difference in ammo is apparent as we see Deadpool punctured with numerous arrows all over his body, resembling a human pincushion, while his harmless foam ammo are bent and lying limp. That Deadpool even thinks that his Nerf ammo would have any affect on Clint Barton speaks volumes to his mental instability. In the middle of the cover rests a giant bullseye coloured to match Hawkeye’s iconic palette with a Deadpool symbol in the centre, a symbol that raises one eye as if to say that it can’t believe what is transpiring before it. The bullseye itself has plenty of damage ranging from chips to holes to explosive residue which clearly gets across that while their current battle is one of pure silliness, the violence and war will escalate and grow from here. It is a cover that instantly grabs our attention and makes us wonder why on Earth these two are fighting in the first place and is the tip of the iceberg of what should be a simply marvelous event filled with comedy and action.



10 thoughts on “Your Day In Court, A Wacky Standoff, and Giving You The Finger: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/03/14

  1. Rocket Raccoon # 3 is a delightful parody of the X – Force covers starring Cable that Rob Liefeld used to draw in the 90s (this is my favorite one:, so it gets the gold medal.
    Silver medal for UXM # 25: the characters are depicted in such a realistic way that this cover seems to be made with frames from a b/w movie, and this speaks volumes about how talented the cover artist is. I also love the unusual tone of red the colourist used.
    Bronze medal for The Punisher # 10: not only because the skull has been drawn in a very creative way, but also because I love the politically incorrect artistic choice of showing some blood on the cover.
    She – Hulk # 8 got very close to the bronze medal. The main reason why I considered this cover for the 3rd prize is Matt’s presence; I also appreciated the watercolour – like colouring. Maybe this cover actually is a watercolour, but I’m not sure.

  2. Really, any of those covers, including the runner-ups, could be considered the cover of the week. Hawkeye vs. Deadpool is hilarious, She Hulk is smart and simplistic, Uncanny X-Men is kind of genius and Rocket Raccoon perfectly fits his character.

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