The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (09/19/14-09/25/14)


Welcome to The Comic-Verse, a feature that is all about sharing and promoting content. Not only will you find links to the very best comic-related posting each week from my fellow WordPress bloggers but you’ll also be treated to art from one talented individual. It is all about spreading the word while also honoring those people who tirelessly work away on blogs of their very own. So sit back and enjoy!


The Top 15 comic-related postings of the Week

House of Flying Scalpels
The Theatre List 17/9 – What didn’t you recommend?

X-Men comics (September 24, 2014)

Arousing Grammar
Bane overcomes his venom addiction

Modern Mythologies
High Society, Low Life

Cyclops 5 review


The Telltale Mind
Mind Capsules – Mighty Avengers #14 and Batman Eternal #25

Nothing But Comics!
DC’s Post-Crisis Rebirth: Mike W. Barr’s Detective Comics

Outright Geekery
Do You Know This Avenger?

How to Make a Comic Book Movie – Part 3

All New X-Men #32, The Wicked and the Devine #4, The Multiversity: Society of Super Heroes #1.1 – Short Comic Review

Batfan On Batman
EXTRA! EXTRA! Bastard Batman Kills Dracula, Steals Crown!

Longbox Graveyard
Thing Vs. Thing!

The SuperHero Satellite
SUPER-BLOG TEAM Up 4 : Masters Of The DC Universe?

The Middle Spaces
Super Hegemonic Team-up! Spider-Man, Daredevil & “The Death of Jean DeWolfe”

The Unspoken Decade
Two Wrongs Making a Right-SBTU-Punisher Meets Archie!

Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Terry Huddleston. This will be the third of four weeks where I’ll be highlighting his work. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

capt_marvel_prestige_series_movie_suit_by_thuddleston-d4zibvb________________________________________________________miss_martian_commission_by_thuddleston-d6g2g67________________________________________________________aquaman_prestige_series_2_0_by_thuddleston-d5vobel________________________________________________________robins_commission_by_thuddleston-d5twauq________________________________________________________capt_marvel_prestige_series_2_by_thuddleston-d3c8i55________________________________________________________kid_flash_prestige_series_by_thuddleston-d4m5sh8 ________________________________________________________winter_solider_prestige_series_commission_by_thuddleston-d4jrdsn________________________________________________________

That wraps up this installment of The Comic-Verse. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

8 thoughts on “The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (09/19/14-09/25/14)

  1. You know, I have to say, the art here, while very good, does present a fairly common difference between how men and women are presented. Take a look at Miss Martian’s pose, and compare it to how all the men are posed. See the differences? Her legs are closed, giving her a more casual stance. Her arms are also close to her body. She seems to be trying to minimize the amount of space she takes up. The men have wide stances that would provide better balance, and their arms are more spread. Their stances take up more space, and are also better suited to fighting.

    This is something you see a lot. Not just in comics, but everywhere. Men get wide, aggressive postures, women get close, unintimidating postures. It’s just one of those things that, once you start noticing it, you can’t stop noticing it. It says a lot, I think, about the ongoing issue of how gender roles are viewed by society at large.

    • Huh. I never really noticed that. I was just happy to see someone actually do a Miss Martian fan art (since I love the character and wish she’d come to the New 52) but I see what you mean.

  2. The use of shadows on Aquaman’s body is perfect, and it also makes the yellow of his hair and the green of his costume stand out in a very eye – catching way.
    By the way, I didn’t know that Bucky has a Cable – like artificial arm. Bucky’s portrait is great as well, because all those pouches and guns help creating a 90s atmosphere I absolutely adore.
    P.S.: This preview rocks! : )
    Also, look at this awesome variant cover for Moon Knight # 8:

    • Yeah that Aquaman is my favourite from this week’s batch. As for Bucky’s arm, he lost it in the explosion when we thought died in WW II and was giving a bionic replacement by the Soviets.

      That preview most certainly rocks and I love the covers of the entire three-issue series starring one of my favourite Spidey villains, the Hobgoblin! 🙂

      Also, thanks for bringing to my attention that fantastic variant. Declan Shalvey can do no wrong!

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