Taking A Bow, Monster Mash, and The Amazing Spider-Gwen: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/17/14

 Third Placeedgeofspiderverse2Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Robbi Rodriguez certainly delivered one spectacular cover this week to take the third place spot. It is a rather unique cover as it essentially transitions between three panels without being contained within actual panel borders. We start off at the top with Gwen Stacy beginning to take off her coat, a coat that is similarly coloured green like the one she died in during the classic Spider-Man storyline. That she is taking it off could be symbolic of the nature that she ain’t no damsel in distress now, that this is a Gwen Stacy unlike any we have seen before. The second image shows her as she readies to don her hood, a smile on her face, her eyes playful. The final shot is Spider-Woman in all her glory, a rather glorious costume design that originally gripped me all those months ago when the comic solicitation was first released. The backdrop is a stunning and eye-catching rendition of New York city, dynamic with its use of colours. The final capper is the caption “Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman.” Take that in for a moment: Gwen Stacy with spider-powers instead of Peter Parker. Our minds race with the possibilities, of seeing this iconic character in a whole new light. We wonder, we are enthralled and we cannot resist the pull of the concept and a big reason for that is this very cover.



6 thoughts on “Taking A Bow, Monster Mash, and The Amazing Spider-Gwen: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/17/14

  1. As you know, I fell in love with All New X – Factor # 14 from the first time I saw it, so this cover gets the gold medal.
    Silver medal for Elektra # 6 and bronze medal for Edge of Spider – Verse # 2.

    • Yeah I read about that earlier this week. I have a bad feeling that another quirky and excellent book I enjoy in the form of Secret Avengers will sadly be the next book to be cancelled… 😦

  2. How did I miss that Electra cover? That’s spectacular. Personally, I’d have Edge of the Spider-Verse 2 (Gwen Stacey) as number 2 and Avengers or X-Factor as number 3, but Uncanny X-Men is at least worth an honorable mention.

    • It is mighty awesome indeed. If Bleeding Cool is to be believed, there sadly won’t be too many Elektra covers left though since the rumor is the series will be cancelled… 😦

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