Taking A Bow, Monster Mash, and The Amazing Spider-Gwen: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/17/14

Second Placeuncannyxmen26Uncanny X-Men #26

Chris Bachalo is the runner-up this week with this cover featuring Cyclops who is worse for wear as is evident by his tattered costume. All around him are numerous creatures dressed in his former outfit, grotesque beings who gnash and claw, who overwhelm our hero. It’s a tidal wave of bodies sent to consume him, a mass so big that they have knocked down the main title and are running away with it. You get a sense of claustrophobia, you get kinetic action, while the blood-red background not only ties in with Cyclops’ ruby quartz lens and optic blast but is also symbolic of danger as well. The main question thought is who are these creatures? Why are they dressed like Scott Summers? It compels us to open the book up for answers and like I always say…that is what truly makes a great cover.



6 thoughts on “Taking A Bow, Monster Mash, and The Amazing Spider-Gwen: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/17/14

  1. As you know, I fell in love with All New X – Factor # 14 from the first time I saw it, so this cover gets the gold medal.
    Silver medal for Elektra # 6 and bronze medal for Edge of Spider – Verse # 2.

    • Yeah I read about that earlier this week. I have a bad feeling that another quirky and excellent book I enjoy in the form of Secret Avengers will sadly be the next book to be cancelled… 😦

  2. How did I miss that Electra cover? That’s spectacular. Personally, I’d have Edge of the Spider-Verse 2 (Gwen Stacey) as number 2 and Avengers or X-Factor as number 3, but Uncanny X-Men is at least worth an honorable mention.

    • It is mighty awesome indeed. If Bleeding Cool is to be believed, there sadly won’t be too many Elektra covers left though since the rumor is the series will be cancelled… 😦

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