The Speech Bubble Officially Turns Two-Years Old!


Today marks my 2nd-Year Anniversary and with this momentous occasion finally here there comes a few announcements.

First up, as I’m sure you have noticed, the Speech Bubble has gotten a brand-new look. It is my aim to always make the site the best as it can possibly be and it is my hope that this new design takes the best elements from the previous one while addressing certain areas that needed improvement. I’d love to hear everyone’s takes on it as it also kicks off some slightly less drastic design/formatting changes in my other articles.

Secondly, as anyone who followed this blog last year is aware, I go all out in the month of October to make it one huge celebration focussing on the past while aiming towards the future. Ever since my first article “The First Step Is Always The Hardest” was released, I’ve constantly played around with various features by adding new ones, retiring others, and bringing back old favourites. Like last year, I’m going to honor the features that have made this Blog a joy to work on and have formed its nucleus. When I first started I had six features: Random Thoughts, Rankings, Covers of the Week, Coming Attractions, Bullet Points, and The Top 3. Random Thoughts went through the most name changes eventually becoming Monday Musings then the Edge and finally Between The Continuity. It recently got a facelift with new content and always seems to be evolving the most of any of my features. Between The Continuity will be changing a bit for this month as each edition will surface once after each batch of special postings ends to announce the next feature I will be honoring.

So what is the first batch of special postings? Like last year, I will start by focussing on my most popular feature, Retroactive. Unlike last year, this time I’m going to do something different. For the next 7 features I’ll be doing Retroactive One-Shots. Retroactive One-Shots is a special form of Retroactive which will focus on a series that meets two specifications: 1) It has only ever had a single volume and 2) It only ran for a maximum of three years. The lucky series that will be the focus of Retroactive One-Shots is composed of both DC and Marvel series with the full line-up being: Gotham City Sirens, Superior Spider-Man, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Avengers Academy,  iZombie, and ending with a two-part look at the weekly event known as 52.

As I begin to wrap things up I’d be remiss not to thank everyone for the support over this past year including those that have commented on and supported this blog the most including but not limited to wwayne, Paul Bowler, xmenxpert, sidekickreviews, healed1337, Reid Vanier, and Arousing Grammar. Your comments have made this experience so worth while and I’m proud to call some of you comic comrades. That is the beauty of comics, uniting people from all walks of life, from entirely different countries, under one banner.

I was also extremely honored when some of these individuals actually wrote some guest postings for me as well. The full list includes:
Off The Shelf: A Look At “Velvet #1″ (Guest Post By Sidekick Reviews)
Never Come Between A Martian And His Cookies: An Arousing Grammar Guest Post
Off The Shelf: A Look At “Loki: Agent of Asgard #1″ (Guest Post By Reid Vanier)
Comic Rundown: The Punisher #7 (A Guest Review by wwayne)
It is my hope to have even more fantastic guest posts as the third year commences!

I also want to thank everyone who has ever hit LIKE, retweeted a Tweet, spread the word about my Blog, shared a feature, or even just taken the time out your schedules to take a gander. It moves me that so many people actually take notice and enjoy what I do. Enjoy this celebration of what has come previously before I turn to the future, looking to expand and to grow. One of the ways I hope to accomplish this will be announced at the end of the month along with two other special reveals.

Hopefully this year is even more successful than the past one. Thank You. Here’s to many more years to come!

– GothamRogue


10 thoughts on “The Speech Bubble Officially Turns Two-Years Old!

  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary Speech Bubble! Congratulations & love the great new look for the site! You’re articles and features are excellent, and I love commenting and reading everyone’s comments as well. Always a pleasure to share and comment on the fantastic content on The Speech Bubble. Cheers, and here’s to another great year of The Speech Bubble 😀

  2. Congratulations on reaching 2 years. Having a post almost every day for 2 years must take a fair amount of work. One thing is unquestionable, you’ve certainly proven your love of comics and appreciation for fellow bloggers. You consistently promoting other blogs, both mine and others I might not have otherwise known about, is always appreciated. Here’s to another year of The Speech Bubble.

    • Thanks a bunch and I’m glad that the Comic-Verse feature has brought to light some other fantastic blogs for you. If only one thing can be taken away from my blog it is my love of the medium and showcasing like-minded individuals like yourself is the least I can do.

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