Retroactive One-Shot: Avengers Academy (The Complete Series)

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In Retroactive I’ll take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past covering all the covers for a particular series. This being a Retroactive One-Shot, I’ll be featuring every cover of a single series while choosing my overall favourite cover for each year. Click on the specific logo of the year you want to visit to be instantly taken directly there. The last section is reserved for my Top Picks of the series. Click the logo or travel to the fifth page to view them.


Avengers Academy 2010

Avengers Academy 2011

Avengers Academy 2012/2013

My Favourite Covers



8 thoughts on “Retroactive One-Shot: Avengers Academy (The Complete Series)

  1. The Prom Issue is definitely the best cover. I think what makes it work is that Hazmat and Mettle both seem nervous and uncertain. There’s a tentative feeling to their dance, especially from Hazmat.

    All the Final Exam covers are cool. And The Football Game is probably the best homage I’ve ever seen to X-Men #100.

    • That White Tiger Final Exam cover just missed my overall Top 5. As for the football cover, I absolutely love it including the perfect choice for referee, X-23. A fun homage indeed.

      Thanks for sharing your picks! 🙂

  2. All the final exam covers are really good; it’s almost hard to decide between them. But yeah, Mettle’s is probably the most haunting of the bunch and arguably the best cover of the series. The covers you picked for 2010 and 2011 were good too.

    I didn’t actually start reading Avengers Academy until issue 21 … shortly after they announced that X-23 was joining the team. I’m glad I picked it up though (and bought the first 3 paperbacks for everything before issue 21). While the first few issues had a bit of pop culture reference overkill, the series as a whole was a great tale of six damaged kids trying to be superheroes instead of falling into villainy. It also had some great character development for Hank Pym and some of the other staff members, and the last few storylines were pretty much perfectly written.

    • Avengers Academy was a brilliant series that I picked up starting with the very first issue. It was the natural progression from the Avengers: The Initiative and was a series that ended way too soon. It also made me a big fan of Christos Gage’s work. When comparing this to Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover it is a no contest in my opinion.

      Thanks for sharing your choices and your experience with this amazing title. Maybe one day, the kids will return again?

  3. Avengers Academy # 39 wins by far the overall gold medal. It moves me each time I look at it.
    The first prize of 2011 goes to Avengers Academy # 9. A heated fight scene, shredded costumes, big muscles, countless pouches… I also love the contrast between the raging face of the villain and the absolute calmness of the heroine.
    Also, if you look at the background, you notice that the characters are in a free fall. That makes the scene even more thrilling.
    As for 2010, Avengers Academy # 4 is another extremely powerful image, so I completely agree with the cover you chose. Special mention for Avengers Academy # 3, because of Mettle’s funny facial expression and the artistic choice of showing the scene from on high.

    • “Avengers Academy # 39 wins by far the overall gold medal. It moves me each time I look at it.”
      I agree that it was a brilliant way to end a series that ended all too soon.

      “The first prize of 2011 goes to Avengers Academy # 9.”
      Over the years I’ve become increasingly a bigger and bigger fan of Taskmaster while Finesse is probably my favourite character from the Avengers Academy series. It is too bad that she hasn’t really been seen too much since the series ended compared to some of her fellow teammates.

      “As for 2010, Avengers Academy # 4 is another extremely powerful image, so I completely agree with the cover you chose.”
      Well we went one for three. If I had to place a wager I really thought we would have been in-line with #13 as well but that is yet another reason why I’m not a betting man. 🙂

      My Overall Rankings:
      1. Avengers Academy #13
      2. Avengers Academy #37
      3. Avengers Academy #21
      4. Avengers Academy #38
      5. Avengers Academy #4

      Thanks for sharing your selections!

      • “I really thought we would have been in-line with #13 as well.” I’ve been wavering between # 9 and # 13 for a very long time, because I love both romantic stories and action packed comic books.
        At the end I chose Avengers Academy # 9 merely because in this period I enjoy action packed comics more than romantic ones. If I were dating a girl now, probably I would have chosen # 13. : )
        Speaking of action packed comics, yesterday I read X # 17, and I was happy to find out that, after 4 rather weak issues, this series started being exciting again. X # 17 is not as good as X # 1 – 12, but it definitely is a solid issue.
        “Thanks for sharing your selections!” Thank you as well for your reply! : )

        • Nice to hear that X is rebounding in quality for you. Any creative team that sticks around for a prolonged time are bound to have a few dips but it takes a really good one to recover to hopefully reach back to their former glory.

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