Retroactive One-Shot: 52 (Part 1 – The First 26 Issues)


In Retroactive I’ll take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past covering all the covers for a particular series. This being a Retroactive One-Shot, I’ll be featuring every cover of a single series while choosing my overall favourite cover for each quarter. Click on the specific logo of the quarter you want to visit to be instantly taken directly there. The last section is reserved for my Top Picks of the series. Click the logo or travel to the fourth page to view them. This edition and the next will be a little different as I will actually be quoting the cover artist of the series (J.G. Jones) as he discusses each image during his Cover Blog feature which was initially published by Wizard Universe back in 2006/2007.


52: The First Quarter
52 logo

52: The Second Quarter
52 logo

My Favourite Covers




4 thoughts on “Retroactive One-Shot: 52 (Part 1 – The First 26 Issues)

  1. I really like 52 # 4.
    First of all, it foreshadows the presence of the Riddler, and I could give 52 # 4 the gold medal for this reason alone.
    Secondly, it shows a very attractive woman. I also love how light and shadow are combined on her body.
    Thirdly, she is analysing the floor like a detective on the scene of the crime: as you know, I love detective stories, so this is another reason why this image instantly won me over.
    The icing on the cake is the background. It is very detailed, and it also shows a raging – faced villain being about to fall upon the detective. His presence makes you wonder not only who the victim is, but also who the culprit is: the Riddler? The raging – faced villain? Both of them? You must open the book to find it out… and when a cover makes you want to do that, you know the cover artist made a wonderful job.
    Now that I think about it, that question mark could refer to the Question, not to the Riddler. Anyway, 52 # 4 wins by far the overall gold medal in my personal ranking.
    Special mention for 52 # 13: the lighting is perfect, and I also love the question – raising presence of an upside down Superman logo upon the stained glass window of the church.
    As for the second quarter, I pick 52 # 14, because I’m a huge fan of Steel. Steel # 3 is one of the best comics I’ve ever read.
    Special mention for 52 # 17, because it shows another character I’m deeply fond of, and also because that speech bubble is an awesome 4th wall breaking detail.

    • “I really like 52 # 4.”
      #4 just barely missed my overall Top 10 coming in 12th with your special mention of #17 coming in 11th. It is a rather enticing cover as Renee Montoya looks to solve the mystery, unaware that a monster is behind her. And yes you are correct with the hypothesis of the question mark belonging to the Question rather than the Riddler. This is the series that would eventually set the character up to become the new Question. Too bad the New 52 has killed Ms. Montoya off…

      I decided to include a quick synopsis of my feelings of the covers in my Top 10 here as well:

      52 #1 – The cover that started it all with that rather ominous tribute to the DC’s Trinity. The colouring is spot on and I love how they showcase all the major players in the series as well while still letting the image in the foreground standout.

      52 #25 – It’s just plain fun. I love the use of the Dr. Fate helmet as a trick or treat bucket and the nice foreshadowing of the fate of the Question by having a little girl dress up as the hero.

      52 #8 – A brilliant propaganda poster featuring Steel.

      52 #10 – A great angle and a great visual of having Clark fall helplessly through the air, him being the one needing to be saved instead of doing the saving. I also love the tagline: “You’ll believe a man can fall” which is a nice allusion to the original Superman movie’s tagline.

      52 #13 – An upside-down Superman logo and some fellow leaguers dressed in mysterious cloaks? Yeah that is very intriguing indeed!

      52 #2 – I love the cameo by Clark in the corner and the energy form the crowd surrounding that corporate sellout, Booster Gold.

      52 #11 – The first-person shooter perspective is awesome.

      52 #16 – The colouring on this is nothing short of beautiful.

      52 #22 – The colouring is eye-catching and the premise of Doc Magnus being hunted by a robot is great.

      52 #19 – Booster Gold running with Skeets acting as the football, dodging the various numbers representing the years is quite clever.

      Thanks for sharing your selections!

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