A Retroactive Look Back


Well our week of Retroactive One-Shots have come to a close. I hope everyone got as much of a kick out of them as I did. For those that missed them, here are the links:

Retroactive One-Shot: Gotham City Sirens (The Complete Series)
Retroactive One-Shot: Superior Spider-Man (The Complete Series)
Retroactive One-Shot: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (The Complete Series)
Retroactive One-Shot: Avengers Academy (The Complete Series)
Retroactive One-Shot: iZombie (The Complete Series)
Retroactive One-Shot: 52 (Part 1 – The First 26 Issues)
Retroactive One-Shot: 52 (Part 2 – The Final 26 Issues)

The feature itself originally started on November 22, 2012 with a look at Detective Comics and the Amazing Spider-Man. Since then it has grown and expanded from a single edition to currently four per week. For 175 editions we have taken a look at Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, Nightwing, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Flash, Uncanny X-Men, Green Arrow, the Punisher, Teen Titans, Ultimate Spider-Man, TMNT, and Hellboy. Retroactive as a whole has been my second most popular feature of this Blog. It’s also an interesting piece as I get to compare my choices with everyone else’s, a fact gives me great pleasure that people take the time to leave a comment and share. No matter where it takes us next, the journey we take on Retroactive will always remain as fulfilling and awesome for me. These Retroactive One-Shots have also proven quite popular so I’ve decided that I will continue doing them periodically throughout the next year.

But with my special edition week of Retroactives over you must be wondering what feature I am going to honor next? Well the answer is none other than Covers of the Week. First off, I’ll be getting back on track with my current editions as I announce my picks for 09/24, 10/01, and 10/08. Then we will be taking a look back at the past as I work my way through the last ten months and deliver the return of the Covers of the Month feature which was last seen in November of 2013. I’ll be taking a look at the very best from each week of a given month before highlighting those covers that earn the distinction as being called the best of the best. With that said, all I can add is: Bring on the Covers!

– GothamRogue



2 thoughts on “A Retroactive Look Back

  1. Been an awesome celebration of your Retroactive Feature, been great fun to look back at all these classic comic covers. I always enjoy the Retroactive sections so much and reading everyone’s views and comments, a brilliant feature. Here’s to another great year of comic book covers 😀

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