I Now Pronounce You Clown and Wife, A Rift Forms, and An Amazing Look At The Past: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/24/14

First Place
Amazing Spider-Man #1.5

And here is the Cover of the Week by Alex Ross who wins this distinction for the second time. This issue ends this series’ look back at the early days of Peter Parker’s life as Spider-Man with an image that pays perfect tribute to that bygone era. Here we have all the various characters, both friend and foe, who helped shape the early years of Peter’s career including Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, Liz Allan, J. Jonah Jameson, Dr. Doom, the Lizard, Uncle Ben’s murderer, the Vulture, the Tinkerer, the Chameleon, Doctor Octopus, Norman Osborn, and ending with new villain Clash. Seeing everyone rendered in their original classic forms is something special, an artistic choice that Ross is famous for and one that plays to his strengths. The central image of Peter split in two, one half his civilian life while the other being his heroic one, showcases how he always struggles to find a perfect balance between the two. Finally, the burst of light emanating from the background just adds to the epic nature of the image overall and succeeds in making this image a true masterpiece. With that said, Alex Ross, I award you the first place crown this week. Congratulations!


So those are my favourites and it’s a three-to-two victory for Marvel over DC. What’s your personal favourite covers from the week that was? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “I Now Pronounce You Clown and Wife, A Rift Forms, and An Amazing Look At The Past: Comic Book Covers of the Week 09/24/14

  1. I really like Batman Eternal # 25.
    The first thing that caught my attention was the outfit of the character depicted in this cover: leather jacket, kevlar on his chest, countless pouches all around his waist, a gun in his right hand… no matter if they’re good or bad, all the characters of action packed comics wear EXACTLY this outfit, so he instantly pleased my eye.
    And then I looked under him, and I noticed another classic action packed detail: flames. In this case there’s an entire city burning, not just a warehouse or the general quarter of a mafia boss, so the dramatic power of this image is much bigger than usual.
    Thirdly, the colouring is brilliant. I love the various tones of yellow and orange used for the buildings and the sky: not only because they increase the aesthetic value of the image, but also because they make the character stand out even more.
    Silver medal for Batman Beyond Universe # 14 and bronze medal for Amazing Spider – Man # 1.5.

    • “I really like Batman Eternal # 25.”
      Fantastic synopsis. Anytime you see the villainous Hush on a cover you know things are going to get personal and that Batman is in for quite a challenge indeed. The only thing I would add is mentioning the great detail of him holding Batman’s empty cape and cowl in his other hand, a rather ominous inclusion and one that hints that our hero may have met his match.

      Thanks for sharing your Rankings!

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