Covers Continue and Artist Spotlight Joins In On The Fun


Covers of the Week and Covers of the Month shall continue on this month until the very end. It is my hope that by the time October transitions into November that I’ll be completely up-to-date with them. That doesn’t mean I’ll be ignoring my other features as I still aim to pay respect to them. Next up on the schedule is a look at an element that originally started out in the Comic Connection and then moved over to the Comic-Verse: my artist spotlight. Every week I take a look at some stunning art from some very talented people. Over the next five special editions of the Comic-Verse I’ll be revisiting those artists whom I’ve highlighted before to post some new images from them. Once that is completed, we enter into the home stretch which will be different from any of the other themed weeks. Stay tuned!

– GothamRogue



10 thoughts on “Covers Continue and Artist Spotlight Joins In On The Fun

    What a great cover. At first you think it’s just a light – hearted image, with two girls laughing in their car on a sunny day… but then you look at the glasses of that car, and you realize that they are covered with blood.
    Also, if you give the girls a closer look, you notice that there are some blood stains on their skin as well.
    The contrast between the light – hearted details and the ominous ones makes this cover something truly special.

    • Thanks for sharing. I never would have seen this cover any other way. It is a nice mix of serene and violent and makes me wonder what is up with these two women. Are they psychotic? Are they bloodthirsty? It makes me want to find out more which I call mission successful and having this beautiful image is an added bonus.

          • I just finished to read the first trade of Concrete Park. It was incredibly beautiful.
            It tells us the stories of 4 characters, each of them trying to survive in a dystopian society (it is set in Los Angeles, in a near future).
            One of these 4 characters is a dj, so there are some scenes where he communicates his hopes for the future to his listeners: believe man, the words he says are incredibly touching. Here’s one of his speeches:

            “I know we’re going to a place where I don’t have to fear my brother, and that place can be right here. A beautiful place, where justice comes down like water, and I’m telling you this place can be right here! A place where each of us can live a life with dignity! Here, right here! I know it seems so far away. Maybe I’ll die before we get there. Perhaps some of you will have to die before we get there… but I’ve been there in my mind and I’m telling you: it’s real, it’s here, and it’s beautiful!”

            Concrete Park is so moving that it made me cry. I started crying even while I was writing the speech on your blog. Words cannot express how beautiful this series is.

            • Sounds amazing. And to think that a cover helped compel you to try out the series. The series sounds intriguing and that speech is downright epic. That a comic can elicit such an emotion out of you is pretty impressive and just makes me want to try out the first trade for myself. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

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