Entering The Homestretch


My celebration of the Comic-Verse has reached its conclusion. I hope everyone enjoyed looking at all that stunning art from a myriad of very talented individuals. Originally my artist spotlight debuted on the Comic Connection but  on December 2nd 2013 it began its transition to its new home, the Comic-Verse. Along the way I have featured close to 50 artists and the good times will keep on rolling.

In other news, I’ve officially eclipsed my 2013 totals with just over two months to spare. How high I will end up is going to be interesting to find out. My plans for the Monthly Covers of the Week are going to be put on the back-burner as I look to the final week of my celebratory month. So what feature am I going to honor? Well the correct answer is features. Each day I’m going to do a special posting that honors one of my other features that I haven’t previously shone a spotlight on this month. I won’t release the schedule but you can look forward to some Rankings, to a new Comic Connection entry, and more. Stay tuned!

– GothamRogue


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