Creatively Speaking Part 2: Renewed Focus


The time has come for the return of Creatively Speaking. What is Creatively Speaking you ask? Well, it is something rather dear to my heart. It has always been my goal to one day join the ranks of the esteemed comic professionals, to actually have a comic that I wrote get published. My one hurdling block? I can’t draw. As luck would have it though I’ve found someone who is willing to take the journey with me, someone who has a quirky and unique style that would fit a whole number of genres. This feature is a monthly update, a glance at my personal journey of seeing that dream hopefully become a reality. If you want a quick refresher of Part 1, why don’t you check it out HERE?

Renewed Focus

Time simply flies on by. It is a cold, hard fact of life. The first edition of Creatively Speaking came out on December 22nd and since then many things have changed. My artist became tied-up with work, starting a band, and family (the most noble of pursuits). I on the other hand adjusted to changes at my work, changes that made things generally worse off for me personally. Sadly, there are only so many hours in a day and as month by month flew by the prospect of us ever collaborating together on a comic was dwindling to almost one of non-existence. There was a glimmer of hope back in April but that too seemed to flicker and fade. We had the title of our comic, we knew what we wanted to create but things weren’t coming together. Then it all changed.

As some of you may know, I tried launching a Facebook page for the Speech Bubble, something that didn’t really catch on and proved to be way too much work for such little reward. Around the same time in August, my artist decided to launch a Facebook page as well for our comic…and the results were shocking. Whereas I struggled to get the Speech Bubble noticed, the Facebook page for our comic sprung to life. Since then we have managed to attain 1435 LIKES, an astounding feat considering the pretty barebones content located on it. I looked at that and it re-energized me, it gave me hope, it let me see that just by a title alone people were interested, that this could be something.

So now that my Anniversary month on this blog is winding down I’m ready to jump back in, to devote some time each day to get this comic going. Already my artist has started doing some sketches to narrow down the look of some of the major characters featured within while I have outlined the entire first issue save for the ending, something that I’m torn on as to which cliffhanger to utilize. I expect this next month to make some real progress and it is my hope that I’ll have all the dialogue and the majority of the panel descriptions written.

This renewed focus also means more regular editions of Creatively Speaking which shall return as a monthly feature. November’s edition shall take a look back as I look at how far we have come, how we narrowed down the ideas from 10 to the 1 that has generated such a great response on Facebook. This feature will continue to be an inside look at the trials and tribulations of making a comic as we try to overcome the difficulties that one faces starting out in the medium. I acknowledge that my artist is still rather shaky on the way a comic should lay out on the page, a major problem that can only be solved by a lot of teaching on my part and a person that is eager and willing to understand.

What the end result will be is anyone’s guess but be prepared for a raw and unfiltered look in the coming months. Will we finally emerge successful? Will we get published? Questions that hang in the air for sure but I can say confidently that I am in a different mindset from this time last year. I want to pursue a career in something that I am generally interested in rather than slog through the week at a job that has gone downhill. I know that this won’t happen overnight, I’m not counting the proverbial chickens before they hatch, but was this serves above all else is to get my creative juices flowing.

NEXT TIME on Creatively Speaking: How The Winning Idea was Chosen.


And that ends the second edition of Creatively Speaking. Have any comments or suggestions? Any personal stories you’d like to impart? Leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Creatively Speaking Part 2: Renewed Focus

  1. As a fellow fiction writer, I wish you and your artist well on this endeavor. I wouldn’t mind trying a shot at comic writing myself, but I’m much more used to prose and am currently trying to get published in the novel industry. Who knows – if that ever takes off well enough, I could do a comic mini-series that takes place in the same universe.

    • I originally wanted to be a prose writer as well and I would generate novel idea after novel idea. Whenever we had a creative writing assignment I was in my element and was disappointed when they only wanted what was the equivalent of one chapter. Then when I got into high school, my joy for writing vanished as we did boring essay after essay, never stretching our creative muscles. After that, I discovered comics and I realized this was the perfect medium for me. I was never one for the overly descriptive parts, instead always wanting to focus on the higher concepts and the dialogue especially. It was a match made in heaven. 🙂

      • I would be interested in trying to write a comic also. There’s a unique challenge with putting faith in your artist to help tell the story and fitting everything into a 20-page issue. I would rather start with prose though, since it’s what I’ve been writing since I was 7 (and oh boy is my older stuff terrible).

        • Yeah. The one thing I have to work on is knowing how much is too much dialogue in each panel. I’ve gotten better with practice but there is always room for improvement. Best of luck as well with your writing project this month!

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