Retroactive: Nightwing 1996 & Daredevil 2009


Nightwing (1996)


Nightwing Vol. 2 #1(October 1996)

Nightwing Vol. 2 #2(November 1996)

Nightwing Vol. 2 #3(December 1996)


5 thoughts on “Retroactive: Nightwing 1996 & Daredevil 2009

  1. Great to see Nightwing Vol 2 #1 in this Retroactive, so that gets my vote. This is a very dark and moody image of Nightwing. Fantastic cover to start the series. Wow! Daredevil #500 is a totally awesome cover, what a great celebration of the character!

    • Nightwing #1 leaves you and wwayne in total agreement with me just right behind. As for that Daredevil cover, it would make a rather awesome poster that just demands to be hung on my wall. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your selections!

  2. I really like Daredevil # 501.
    As you know, there is an unwritten rule that says: “Superhero can’t kill.” Antiheroes like the Punisher can kill hundreds of people in each issue, but a superhero like Daredevil can’t even try to do that.
    That’s why this cover instantly won me over: because the cover artist decided not to give a damn about this rule, and to show Matt while he’s strangling a man. The fact that this man is apparently harmless makes the scene even more shocking.
    The perfect lighting and the wonderful background are 2 other reasons why I give this cover the first prize.
    The other gold medal goes to Nightwing Vol. 2 # 1, because even in this case we have a superhero doing something we would never expect. Behind him there are 3 inconscious men: Dick is holding his sticks very tightly, drawing his chin to his chest and showing a very serious face, so his nervous body language makes us think that he’s the one who hit them until they fainted. Or is he angry with the villain who did that? You must open the book to find it out…
    The second reason why I give this cover the gold medal is the unusual colouring: the sky and the unconscious men have been coloured with a gorgeous tone of purple, and this tone of purple contrasts with the colours of Dick’s costume in a very eye – pleasing way.
    Thirdly, the bats and the black buildings near Dick help building a dark atmosphere I absolutely adore, so I give this cover the gold medal without the shadow of a doubt.

    • “I really like Daredevil # 501.”
      There were so many awesome covers this year that the choice for my runner-up was rather difficult. On one hand we have DD #117, a deal with the devil being made as Daredevil and the Kingpin make an unholy alliance in the graveyard of all places. Then we have DD #119 with the terrific way Lady Bullseye and the Kingpin form the Yin-Yang symbol. Lastly we have your choice for the very reasons you provided. In the end my Rankings would be 2nd: #117, 3rd: #119, and 4th: #501.

      “The other gold medal goes to Nightwing Vol. 2 # 1”
      My runner-up for sure. I went back and froth between this one and my eventual choice countless times. You summed up this terrific cover perfectly, so perfectly in fact that I can’t add anything else.

      Thanks, as always, for sharing your choices and providing your commentary.

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