A Bloody Good Time, Super-Joker, and Say Cheese: Comic Book Covers of the Week 11/12/14


It is time for the best covers from the week that was. A quick reminder: only comics that I personally have purchased qualify for this piece. If a title contains more than one cover, only the one I own is taken into consideration. Now without further ado:


Honorable Mention
shehulk10She-Hulk #10

Cover Artist: Kevin Wada

Honorable Mention
axishobgoblin2AXIS: Hobgoblin #2

Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Fifth Place
hawkeyevsdeadpool2Hawkeye VS Deadpool #2

Cover Artist:
 James Harren

Fourth Place
newsuicidesquad4 New Suicide Squad #4
Cover Artist: Jeremy Roberts

And now it is time for the main event, what you have been waiting for, the reveal of the Top 3 Covers of the Week. Click on the appropriate logo to be taken to that specifically ranked cover or just click NEXT! Which cover will reign supreme?


#3 __________________________

#2 __________________________

#1 ________________________________________________________


5 thoughts on “A Bloody Good Time, Super-Joker, and Say Cheese: Comic Book Covers of the Week 11/12/14

  1. When I saw New Suicide Squad # 4, I instantly understood it would have won the gold medal: big guns, cartridge belts all around Harley Quinn’s body, bullets flying all over, flames… this image is such a perfect action packed cover.
    Special mention for She – Hulk # 10: a watercolour showing Matt Murdock? I’m definitely sold!
    Bronze medal for Death Vigil # 5. You gave it the 3rd prize mainly because of the way the cover artist depicted the adult characters; I gave it the 3rd prize for an entirely different reason ,that is to say because of the presence of the younger ones. I grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210: because of this, I deeply love young adult comics, novels and movies, so a cover showing two teenagers has a big chance to get a medal in my personal ranking.

    • The drawing of Harley on New Suicide Squad is nothing short of wonderful. I really wish it and Hawkeye VS Deadpool could have been ranked higher but alas there was so much stiff competition. Hawkeye VS Deadpool in particular is just hilarious, seeing the two heroes sitting in a hospital waiting room, Deadpool stuck like a pin cushion with arrows. There are both so nonchalant about it. 🙂 As for Death Vigil, it is great that two different people could like the same cover for two different reasons.

      Thanks for sharing your personal Rankings!

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