The Comic Connection Vol. 3: Issue #1 (Pondering The Flash’s Potential Future)

comicconnection Welcome to the first edition of the third volume of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Monthly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on a future posting. With that said, let’s get to the first question:


“What would you like to see happen on The Flash before the first season ends?”

The CW Network sure has a hit show on their hands and I for one am thoroughly impressed by the first nine episodes so far. Currently the show is on its midseason break and is gearing up to return on January 20th. While waiting I began to think of the various moments I would love to see happen before the first season concludes and I’ve ended up narrowing it down to my Top 3. Without further ado:

Caitlin and Cisco Remain Normal:

So this first one isn’t so much what I’d like to see but more of what I don’t want to see. In the comics Caitlin becomes the villainous Killer Frost while Cisco is the heroic Vibe, each one of them possessing extraordinary powers. Now it is an eventuality that they will go down this route but this happening in the first season doesn’t need to happen. Whoever Harrison Wells truly is, the truth will be that he will be gone from the team by year’s end in my opinion and taking away any more of Barry’s team would be too much. No, I’d rather they keep Caitlin and Cisco their normal non-metahuman selves and save that for future seasons, building up the characters so when Caitlin eventually descends into villainy it is that much more impactful.

Jay Garrick:

Now I know it is too soon to be introducing Wally West but why not Jay Garrick? The elder statesman of the Flash Universe, Jay Garrick was the original Flash in the comic books. Now I am unsure what direction they would take with the character but I think he would be a valuable addition to the show even if he is a non-powered mentor figure for Barry. Or perhaps the Flash travels back in time (we’ve already had confirmation that is happening this season) and encounters him in the past? The sky is the limit here and I’m sure that the creative team on the show will not disappoint.

The Mirror Master:

Okay, so this is my #1 moment that needs to happen before the season reaches its conclusion. Already the show has excelled in introducing the various members that will make up the Rogues with more still on the horizon. However, with all the casting announcements and the such there is one big Rogue missing: the Mirror Master. Not only would his powers make for an epic confrontation with our hero, said powers are a must if the Rogues hope to prosper as a recurring threat. The Mirror Master is a key component of the group acting as their mode of transportation and means of escape when things get too hot by use of transversal through the Mirror World. I’m almost certain he’ll be on as Geoff Johns said they were going to hold nothing back in the first season so I’m pretty confident that my #1 wish is going to come true.


That wraps up the first edition of The Comic Connection 3.0. Have any comments on the question posed? You know what to do.


6 thoughts on “The Comic Connection Vol. 3: Issue #1 (Pondering The Flash’s Potential Future)

  1. The cast of Flash hit it off from the get go and Cisco & Caitlin are a big reason why. Yeah, I hope the writers can find ways to develop these characters and set up their transformation without having to turn them into metahumans just yet. Arrow crossovers have been fun and amazing, I’d be down for a Ray Palmer (Atom) crossover. Mainly I just hope the quality of the show stays high and continues to make the Reverse Flash story awesome with each twist and turn.

    • CW is already talking about potentially doing an Atom spinoff but are waiting to see how everyone reacts to him when he dons the costume. Routh has been fantastic as Ray Palmer though. As for the Reverse-Flash story: it was handled well and the actor who plays Barry mentioned that the final twist is so shocking he was caught by surprise and that no one has listed the theory on the internet so far!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned Mirror Master, because that’s a big one for me. The Rogues just aren’t complete without him.

    Otherwise, I’d like another look at Grodd this season, showing where he is now and demonstrating how he’s changed. This could be a big tease for future seasons.

    • I think I remember reading somewhere that Grodd is coming this season. As for Mirror Master, I eagerly await each week to find out who on Earth they are going to get to play him.

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