Between The Continuity – The Team Begins To Assemble


On the last edition of Between The Continuity I put out a call to arms, I turned on the Bat-Signal, I yelled “Avengers Assemble!”, and I’ve already got some responses. Of those I received I have two individuals who have confirmed that they would like to contribute to the Speech Bubble. Who are they, you ask?

Well first up we have frequent commenter and all-around great guy, wwayne. He runs a blog at where he discusses all matter of topics including movies, TV shows, and books. He’s also a big fan of comics. He’s more about him right in his own words: “I’ve always been (and will always be) an avid reader of Bat – comics and dark comics in general. I grew up watching Arnold and Sly’s action flicks, so I also deeply enjoy action packed comics, like The Punisher. A third kind of comic I easily fall in love with are the ones that tend to contain some slice – of – life scenes. Now that Animal Man has been closed, Superman/Wonder Woman is the slice – of – life series I like most.” wwayne has offered to write a special run of Retroactive coming out every two weeks where he’ll begin with a Gotham Central/Generation X combo which will then end in a Batman Confidential/Generation X duet. Look for a new edition every 2nd and 4th Monday with the first edition hitting us tomorrow.

Secondly, we have a gentleman who is already part of a team over at Sam expressed interest in rejuvenating one of my older features, #Trending. Every week he will highlight all the biggest comic-related news, offering his opinions on the various topics where applicable. Look for that feature to come out tentatively every Sunday starting next week.

This still leaves some vacancies so If anyone reading this would like to join the growing Speech Bubble team, drop me a line at We are still looking for individuals who are wanting to write a weekly comic review, take over the resurrected Comic Connection, or any other idea you can come up with. All are welcome! And a big thanks to wwayne and Sam for offering your services!


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looking-aheadThe first features from our new team arrive!

On that note, this week’s offering of Between The Continuity has reached its end. I hope everyone has an excellent week and manages to read some great stuff. Until next time, I leave you with three words that sum up this blog and life in general:



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