Creatively Speaking Part 3: Hurdles Arise


The time has come for the return of Creatively Speaking. What is Creatively Speaking you ask? Well, it is something rather dear to my heart. It has always been my goal to one day join the ranks of the esteemed comic professionals, to actually have a comic that I wrote get published. My one hurdling block? I can’t draw. This feature is a monthly update, a glance at my personal journey of seeing that dream hopefully become a reality.

Hurdles Arise

Last time on Creatively Speaking I mentioned how things were looking up, how the immense success of our Facebook page had rejuvenated both me and my fellow artist. Things were looking up as October came to a close…and then the wheels fell off the proverbial bus. My artist, always spreading himself too thin, began to take on more and more Facebook pages. He also created a request a character concept which he would draw using various basic shapes. This quickly took up a lot of his time and as we headed into the Christmas Season we drifted further apart. Work drove me insane to the point of breaking but if I had to be honest the lack of enthusiasm on his part really zapped the fun out of the project and left the basic script untouched for countless weeks. I knew the writing was on the wall ever since the creation of our first issue’s cover though. We just weren’t clicking mainly because he wouldn’t take into account any feedback I gave him. It was the beginning of January that I decided I had to open my avenues up to other possibilities.

For some time, I had known an artist on Twitter that always had an upbeat personality and seemed talented enough to carry a comic title. I expressed my admiration of her work and put out there the possibility of collaborating together on a project. Much to my joy she was actually interested. We went back and forth with messages as I tried to narrow down some potential ideas that would interest her. Eventually we narrowed it down to three in particular and I soon crafted an e-mail where I went more in-depth with each idea, highlighting the premise, characters, and initial arc for each one. The goal was to whittle down these three concepts to two and then she would do about two to three sketches to see which idea meshed best with her artistic style. She was very receptive, I was very excited…and then came the e-mail that changed it all. For the worst.

Things in her life had changed and what was to be a year of renewed focus on her art changed rather quickly due to her husband and herself setting up a company that would, understandably so, suck the majority of her time. Just like that it was all over yet again. She was definitely open to collaborating in the future when things settled down but as to when that would be is anyone’s guess. Sadly I was back to square one, dejected, and not knowing where I should go next. Do I try again with the first artist? Do I give him another chance? Is it worthwhile to devote anymore time and energy his way? Unfortunately I do not have the answer at this time…

NEXT TIME on Creatively Speaking: the future direction of my pursuit of a career in comics is decided!


And that ends the third edition of Creatively Speaking. Have any comments or suggestions? Any personal stories you’d like to impart? Leave a comment below!


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