The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (01/29/15-02/04/15)


Welcome to The Comic-Verse, a feature that is all about sharing and promoting content. Not only will you find links to the very best comic-related posting each week from my fellow WordPress bloggers but you’ll also be treated to art from one talented individual. It is all about spreading the word while also honoring those people who tirelessly work away on blogs of their very own. So sit back and enjoy!


The Top 15 comic-related postings of the Week

The Telltale Mind
Mind Capsules – New Avengers #29 and King: The Phantom #1

Nothing But Comics!
Shrinking the ‘Pool

Will the Supergirl TV show learn from the failed Wonder Woman Pilot? Maybe not.

Ms. Marvel 11 review

X-Men comics for February 4 2015


Super Team AU
Comic Reviews 02/04/15

Agent Carter Episode Recap/Review: The Blitzkrieg Button, Season 1 Episode 4

Modern Mythologies
Diametrically Opposed: Doctor Fate / Wotan

Ray H to the C
Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Blog!

Batfan on Batman
Why does Batman endure? From Superman clone to Dark Mythic Figure

Arousing Grammar
Robin trapped in concrete

Longbox Graveyard

Reviews By Lantern’s Light
The New Year’s 52: Green Arrow

Comparative Geeks
Is Gotham Changing the Mythos of the Batman Universe?

Shadowhawk’s Shade
Death Vigil #6 (Comics Review)

Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Carsten Biernat. This will be the second and final week where I’ll be featuring his work. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

two-face________________________________________________________hobgoblin________________________________________________________robin________________________________________________________venom________________________________________________________joker________________________________________________________ghost rider________________________________________________________batman fog_________________________________________________________________________________

That wraps up this installment of The Comic-Verse. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

7 thoughts on “The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art & The Top 15 Featured Links (01/29/15-02/04/15)

  1. Thanks for the continuing support you’ve shown the New Year’s 52 project and Reviews by Lantern’s Light. It always makes me happy to see my articles show up among such distinguished work.

    I wouldn’t have expected you to pick Green Arrow this week, but it’s kind of neat as the writer I chose has no social media presence that I’m aware of.

    As ever the other posts look fascinating and the art is gorgeous. I’m very impressed by your knowledge of talented artists.

    • I love this series of features that you have crafted. It is always a challenge for me to pick just one but somehow I manage it. Green Arrow has a soft spot in my heart and I think your proposed direction would let the title find the stride it lost when Lemire left.

      Thanks for the compliments as well! 🙂

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