The Comic Connection Vol. 3: Issue #3 (Fixing The Green Lantern Movie)

comicconnection Welcome to the second edition of the third volume of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Comic Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured in the next edition. Click on the first section to be taken to everyone’s answers to the previous Comic Question, go to the second section to partake in the latest Comic Question, or just click Next:


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7 thoughts on “The Comic Connection Vol. 3: Issue #3 (Fixing The Green Lantern Movie)

  1. I don’t remember much about the Green Lantern movie; saw it in theaters and never touched it since. That said, I never had a huge problem with Ryan Reynolds’s performance as Hal Jordon. His part wasn’t well written by any means, but he did what he could with it. I also remember Sinestro being interesting, yet he was barely in the movie.

    As for the villain, well … I remember the Parallax looking like diarrhea, and I’m not saying that to be juvenile, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw the cloud. Also, the very entity of fear in the movie’s story at least? That sounds more like a second or third movie villain, not the first. The Red Lanterns would have been much easier to explain for the first movie, whether they used Atrocitus or not. It would be a fairly simple plot to explain. “Our rings are energized by will power, while theirs feed off of rage.” And one thing that movie could have used much less of, it was explaining things.

    Having the climax on Earth wouldn’t have been such a bad thing and it did add a bit to the plot’s tension, but the movie did spend a bit too much time on Earth when the whole story felt like it should have explored the Universe. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore planets that have similarities to Earth to help reduce the budget; Guardians of the Galaxy has several and it still works fine, and almost every planet in Star Wars resembles an environment on Earth. If they were to fight a group of Red Lanterns, perhaps some of that could be exploring the aftermath of a major attack where they devastated a planet’s military.

    I’m not an expert on the Green Lanterns, and I was brand new to comics back when it released, but the movie still felt disappointing to me. So much could have been done with the Lantern Universe. There are so many possibilities for interesting villains, yet the movie downplays Hector Hammond to a minor villain role while the parallax is visually boring and leads to a bit of a silly climax.

    And yeah, I fully agree that the Green Lantern costume looked very silly in the movie.

    • Ryan Reynolds was great as Hal Jordan. You can only work with what you were given after all. You bring up a lot of good points with your analysis/suggestions. Hopefully the next Green Lantern movie does the character justice.

      On a side note, a recent Newsarama article was pondering which Green Lantern they would do for Justice League. While most fans are leaning towards John Stewart, Newsarama came from the view of not Hal, not Guy, not John, not Kyle, not even Simon Baz. Their suggestion? Jessica Cruz. Sayeth what?

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