Retroactive: Nightwing 2002 & Fantastic Four 1963

In Retroactive I’ll take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past covering all the covers for a particular series. Each entry will cover an entire year and I’ll always have one comic from DC and one comic from Marvel. At the end of each edition of Retroactive I’ll select my overall favourite cover for that year for each series. Last time on Retroactive we covered Nightwing 2001 and Fantastic Four 1961/1962. If you need a refresher, just click HERE. Below you’ll find the two series that I’m currently covering. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to that series. The last section is reserved for my Top Picks from each year. Click the logo or travel to the fourth page to view them.


Nightwing 2002


Fantastic Four 1963


My Favourite Covers



2 thoughts on “Retroactive: Nightwing 2002 & Fantastic Four 1963

  1. I really like Nightwing Vol. 2 # 74.
    Once again we got a Russian stacking doll. First we have a sexy lady wearing a revealing outfit and holding both a gun and a sword: I love when old and new are combined, and this is exactly what happened here, since the cover artist put an old – fashioned weapon in her right hand and a slightly more modern firearm in her left one.
    Then we go back further, and we see Nightwing trying to defend himself and a terrified woman from the attack of the sexy lady and her armoured ally; then we go back even further, and we see two typical English details, that is to say a double – decker bus and a red phone cab… and then we raise our eyes upon them, and we see a gorgeous background, which has been coloured and lit up to perfection. Every single detail of this cover is hugely eye – pleasing, so I give this cover the gold medal without the shadow of a doubt.
    Special mention for Nightwing Vol. 2 # 70: a femme fatale at the centre of the cover, big guns all around her, a post – apocalyptic atmosphere, a flaming sky, a giant motorcycle… this cover hit everything on the wwayne checklist, so it got very, very close to the 1st prize.
    Bronze medal for Nightwing Vol. 2 # 63: an enticing tagline + not one but two guest stars = a hugely deserved prize in wwayne’s ranking.
    The other gold medal goes to Fantastic Four # 17. Each member of the team has been put in an extremely dangerous situation, and needs a big fat deus ex machina to come back home alive and kicking: a cover foreshadowing the presence of FOUR deus ex machinas really can’t miss the gold medal in my personal ranking. I also love the geometric pattern of the cover.
    P.S.: I want to celebrate the return of the Retroactive feature with this cheerful song:

  2. Well, some great Nightwing covers, love them all but I simply had to choose Nightwing Vol 2 #74 with Nightwing here in the UK. I assume this is London, can’t remember much about this issue, but its great to see red double decker bus and a red telephone box. Brilliant! Love these classic Fantastic Four covers as well. I eventually settled on Fantastic Four #17 with the FF in the “clutches of Dr Doom!”. What a action packed cover, with each member of the FF battling a deadly trap in their section of the cover, with Doom controlling everything in the middle like a spider in a web. Awesome retroactive, have a happy new comic book day all!

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