#Trending In The World Of Comics 03/16/15: (New Looks, Rumours, A Comic-Con No Show, & More!)

In #Trending, Sam will highlight and offer his opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. including sharing any hot trailers that were released. Let’s begin:




DC’s Big Guns Get A New Lookjustice_league_by_jprart-d4wbcy6

This June, some of DC Comics’ biggest names will be receiving a makeover, giving Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern a major revamp. Flash, Green Arrow have some minor changes and Batman gets a brand new armoured suit. To check them out, head on over HERE.
DCU Rumours Galoredeathstroke
Several rumours about DC upcoming films have been spreading this week:
  • Chris Pine might be sought after to play Hal Jordan
  • The Suicide Squad will be going up against villain Antiphon and the terrorist group Onslaught
  • As previously reported, Joe Manganiello is up for the role of Deathstroke in Suicide Squad. Latest rumours have placed him as the forerunner for the part, close to signing on as the character who will act as Amanda Waller’s ‘personal bodyguard’.
  • Jared Leto’s Joker will be heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns, in which he will have a bleached face instead of painted and is rather muscular than skinny. It is also claimed that he will have scenes with Hugo Strange (although no news of this character has been released).


No Marvel at Comic-Con!?comic-con

Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con has become a regular tradition for Marvel, but according to James Gunn, the studio will be skipping the convention this year. During an interview, the director replied to whether or not he would be attending with “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.” There has been no official word from Marvel regarding their attendance yet.



1) New Avengers posters: Brand new posters from Marvel have debuted, showing off Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. To see them both, head over HERE.

2) RDJ delivers a bionic Iron Man armRobert Downey Jr. partnered with Limbitless Solutions to deliver a 3D printed bionic arm to 7-year-old boy named Alex. Alex was born with a partially developed right arm, which is now equipped with an Iron Man gauntlet. You can check out the whole story in the video below:

3) New Set Photos: Some more pictures of Krysten Ritter have been snapped on the set of AKA Jessica Jones.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 10, 2015

Melissa Benoist has also been seen sporting her guise as Kara Danvers on the set of ‘Supergirl’.


4) Fantastic Four photos and change of date4 new photos have been released for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. They feature a closer look at the costumes, however missing from the team is Jamie Bell’s CGI character Ben Grimm/The Thing. To see them click HERE. Fox has also pushed back the release date of the sequel, in order to separate itself from the Star Wars sequel. Fantastic Four 2 will now be released a week later, on June 9th, 2017.

And that concludes this week’s edition of #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

Feature Written By: Sam from SuperTeamAU

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