wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2007 & Generation X 1998


Batman Confidential (2007)


Batman Confidential #1(February 2007)bc1________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #2(March 2007)bc2________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #3(April 2007)bc3________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #4(May 2007)bc4________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #5(June 2007)bc5________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #6(August 2007)bc6________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #7(September 2007)bc7________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #8(October 2007)bc8________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #9(November 2007)bc9________________________________________________________

Batman Confidential #10(December 2007)bc10________________________________________________________


3 thoughts on “wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2007 & Generation X 1998

  1. I’ve never seen or read any Batman Confidential, so this retroactive will be new for me. I think I’ll go for Batman Confidential #6 as my choice, with Batman surrounded by lots of robots. You don’t very often see Batman fighting robots on a cover, so its very different. Generation X #38 is a great cover. I like how the black and white art work seems to spring to life, almost as if the colourful characters are leaping from the art itself and right off the page. A fun retroactive, have a great new comic book day everyone!

    • ” I think I’ll go for Batman Confidential #6 as my choice, with Batman surrounded by lots of robots.” As I mentioned in the post, your top pick is my runner – up.
      “Generation X #38 is a great cover.” I completely agree with you. It’s a brilliant 4th wall breaking image. I decided to give this cover the bronze medal, with Generation X # 41 getting the silver one: an unknown man being about to kill Jubilee? You definitely caught my attention! 🙂 I also love the gorgeous colouring.
      Another cover I considered for the bronze medal is Generation X # 36, because of its very beautiful background.
      I wish you a happy new comic book day too. Thank you for providing your picks! 🙂

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