wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2007 & Generation X 1998


My Favourite Covers


Okay, so our journey through the past is complete for this week but which covers reign supreme?

For Batman Confidential, the crown goes to: Batman Confidential #2.bc2

“Man vs machines” is a classic sci-fi cliché. It’s not that frequent to find it in Bat-issue, but in 2007 there were two Bat-covers showing this situation: Batman Confidential #2 and #6. Both of them are very enticing, but there are many reasons why Batman Confidential #2 won me over. First of all, the scene depicted is very exciting: Batman trying to dismantle the robot with the tool he usually employs to hang on skyscrapers, the robot dangerously drawing his giant claws nearer and nearer to him, some smoke exhaling all over them… We haven’t read a single interior page yet, but the cover artist has already seized us and thrown us in the middle of the fight. Secondly, I love the tagline: “Dark Knight vs Waynetech!” It makes you understand that this time you won’t get the same old “superhero vs villain” story: in this case Bruce has to face a much more unusual and insidious problem, that is to say a hitch concerning his machines. Thirdly, that tagline also raises a lot of questions: what could have gone wrong? Who’s going to solve this problem and how? Did this happen by chance, or is there a criminal mastermind behind it? You must open the book to find it out…and when a cover compels you to do that, you know you’ve got a gold medal deserving image in front of you.


 For Generation X, the title goes to: Generation X #44.

One of the innumerous things that made Generation X special was the fact that the reader could easily identify with its characters. They weren’t just a team of super-powered mutants, they were also a group of “normal” boys and girls, going through all the various experiences and situations young adults usually deal with. Among these experiences, perhaps the most painful one is the end of your first love affair. When you love someone for the first time, you always think it’s going to last forever. You love the other person so deeply that you can’t even imagine the breakup of your affair. That’s why your heart is broken when it happens, even if you’re the one who decided to put an end to it. Generation X #44 perfectly conveys all these emotions. Chamber and Husk are about to split up: he still loves her, so he tries to hug her, but she blocks him with her left hand, because she knows it wouldn’t be the same thing now that they aren’t lovers anymore. When something like this happens, you know there’s nothing you can do to save your affair. It’s a saddening image, but it’s so realistic and so well executed that, instead of looking away, you can’t help staring at it. I also love the artistic choice of filling the background with lots of Polaroids. Some of them recall a mission of the team (like the one showing Bianca LaNeige), some other ones contain a slice-of- life scene, like the ones behind Husk. These Polaroids confirm what I wrote before: even if the members of Generation X were super-powered mutants, their life was full of normal little things that make everyone’s life special, like having a nice chat on the steps of a country house. I don’t know why the colourist decided to colour the background that way, but the various tones of purple he employed are all gorgeous, so they definitely are the icing on the cake.


So that’s it for this week. Agree/Disagree? Which covers are your personal favourites from this week? Comment below!

Feature Written By: wwayne

3 thoughts on “wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2007 & Generation X 1998

  1. I’ve never seen or read any Batman Confidential, so this retroactive will be new for me. I think I’ll go for Batman Confidential #6 as my choice, with Batman surrounded by lots of robots. You don’t very often see Batman fighting robots on a cover, so its very different. Generation X #38 is a great cover. I like how the black and white art work seems to spring to life, almost as if the colourful characters are leaping from the art itself and right off the page. A fun retroactive, have a great new comic book day everyone!

    • ” I think I’ll go for Batman Confidential #6 as my choice, with Batman surrounded by lots of robots.” As I mentioned in the post, your top pick is my runner – up.
      “Generation X #38 is a great cover.” I completely agree with you. It’s a brilliant 4th wall breaking image. I decided to give this cover the bronze medal, with Generation X # 41 getting the silver one: an unknown man being about to kill Jubilee? You definitely caught my attention! 🙂 I also love the gorgeous colouring.
      Another cover I considered for the bronze medal is Generation X # 36, because of its very beautiful background.
      I wish you a happy new comic book day too. Thank you for providing your picks! 🙂

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