Comic Art Showcase: Issue #3 – Ra’s al Ghul


It is time once again for the Comic Art Showcase. Each and every week I’ll highlight a comic book character from either DC, Marvel, or the Independents by posting some of my favourite professional and fan art of the character. So which character is up next? Why it is none other than Ra’s al Ghul otherwise known as the Demon’s Head! Ra’s is a real standout Batman villain who challenges the Dark Knight not only physically but mentally as well. He is both dangerous and refined at the same time and the perfect leader for the League of Assassins. I’ve broken the images down into groupings, with roughly three to four pieces of art per page. You can click the corresponding section or simply click next and let the art show commence:

Ra’s al Ghul Part 1

Ra’s al Ghul Part 2

Ra’s al Ghul Part 3



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