Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades


Green Arrow (1980’s)


Green Arrow 1983
Green Arrow 1988
Green Arrow 1989

My Overall Pick


Green Arrow Vol. 2 #16. I love this cover on so many levels. The first thing that hits me is the postcard depicting the city of Seattle, greeting us hello. What would normally be a happy memento is tainted however by the ominous drops of blood found on it. Whose blood is on the postcard? Before we can dwell on that question too long we notice that the postcard is situated on a puddle of water, raindrops whizzing past. Also found in the water are more droplets of blood mixed with the reflection of Green Arrow himself, his bow and arrow drawn. It is a unique view of the Emerald Archer as he is displayed upside-down and the artist’s skill at rendering him in the wavy, rippled water shows quite a fair amount of talent. It is an image that grips me from the get go and stays with me long past the issue’s contents have been read.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades

  1. Your picks are great! Especially the ones concerning 00s and 10s. Mine are:

    80s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 18
    90s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 80
    00s: tie between Green Arrow Vol. 3 # 68 and Green Arrow/Black Canary # 6
    10s: Green Arrow Vol. 4 # 31

    Maybe 2010 was the best time ever for the covers of our Emerald Archer. All the Green Arrow covers DC released that year are simply jaw – dropping.

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