Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades


Green Arrow (1990’s)


Green Arrow 1990
Green Arrow 1991
Green Arrow 1992
Green Arrow 1993
Green Arrow 1994
Green Arrow 1995
Green Arrow 1996
Green Arrow 1997
Green Arrow 1998

My Overall Pick


Green Arrow Vol. 2 #56. This cover bucks the trend of showing Oliver taking aim with his bow and actually has him engaging in a rather unique and puzzling pose. With one hand he is motioning with his finger, an act that could be read in two ways: he is egging on the villain he is going after to quote-unquote just bring it or he is daring the reader to take the plunge and follow his journey inside this issue’s very pages. It is what Green Arrow has in his other hand that is truly puzzling though. Why is he holding a noose? Is it this latest villain’s weapon of choice? Or does it have a deeper meaning? Before we can dwell on that for too long, we take in the absolutely superb background imagery. On either side of the Emerald Archer are photographs of two young women who have been murdered as evident by the chalk outlines encircling them. The blood-red background mixed with the repeated phrase of “victim” plastered all around succeeds in creating a rather ominous tone, helps establish that Green Arrow is on the case of capturing a potential serial killer, and finally causes the central figure and the photographs to pop off the page.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades

  1. Your picks are great! Especially the ones concerning 00s and 10s. Mine are:

    80s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 18
    90s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 80
    00s: tie between Green Arrow Vol. 3 # 68 and Green Arrow/Black Canary # 6
    10s: Green Arrow Vol. 4 # 31

    Maybe 2010 was the best time ever for the covers of our Emerald Archer. All the Green Arrow covers DC released that year are simply jaw – dropping.

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