Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades


Green Arrow (2000’s)


Green Arrow 2001
Green Arrow 2002
Green Arrow 2003
Green Arrow 2004
Green Arrow 2005
Green Arrow 2006
Green Arrow 2007
Green Arrow 2008
Green Arrow 2009

My Overall Pickgav311

Green Arrow Vol. 3 #11. Facing off against some stiff competition, this cover manages to emerge victorious despite the fact that it tells us nothing about the issue’s contents. There are quite a few elements on this cover that ensures its victory. First up is the classic pose of Green Arrow, his bow drawn back, taking aim, ready to unleash his arrow with pinpoint precision at his intended target. The second element I love is the building that our Emerald Archer is perched on. Not only does it have an appropriately coloured green hue to it but the main title becomes one with the building, taking on a brick design to further sell the merger. Last but not least is the background from the absolutely beautiful blood-red sky to the various buildings in the background. Yes, this cover has it all indeed.



One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades

  1. Your picks are great! Especially the ones concerning 00s and 10s. Mine are:

    80s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 18
    90s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 80
    00s: tie between Green Arrow Vol. 3 # 68 and Green Arrow/Black Canary # 6
    10s: Green Arrow Vol. 4 # 31

    Maybe 2010 was the best time ever for the covers of our Emerald Archer. All the Green Arrow covers DC released that year are simply jaw – dropping.

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