Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades


Green Arrow (2010’s)


Green Arrow 2010
Green Arrow 2011
Green Arrow 2012
Green Arrow 2013
Green Arrow 2014

My Overall Pickgav51

Green Arrow Vol. 5 #1. It is nothing short of epic, a visual masterpiece that is worthy of kicking off the fifth volume and a cover that has stood with me ever since the issue saw release. The top half of the cover is filled with the richly detailed foliage of a forest which springs to life before our eyes and is so well-done that it borders on photorealistic. The bottom half of the cover showcases Star City, a city that has had a mysterious forest spring up after the recent devastation that was inflicted on it. The sight of the forest running roughshod through the streets is a captivating image and one that is only made better by the setting sun bathing the scene in a warm glow while also acting as a horizon line to break up the two halves. Then we have our hero, bow at the ready, positioned in such a way that he overlaps into both scenes, acting as the connective tissue between nature and modern society. Green Arrow has never looked so good on a cover that is so jaw-dropping gorgeous that the more and more I look at it, the more and more I fall in love with it.


And that concludes our look back at Green Arrow. As I mentioned, I’m eager to hear what everyone else thinks so leave your selections for each decade below. Remember there is no right or wrong answer – only many, many, awesome covers.

One thought on “Retroactive Special Edition: Green Arrow Through The Decades

  1. Your picks are great! Especially the ones concerning 00s and 10s. Mine are:

    80s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 18
    90s: Green Arrow Vol. 2 # 80
    00s: tie between Green Arrow Vol. 3 # 68 and Green Arrow/Black Canary # 6
    10s: Green Arrow Vol. 4 # 31

    Maybe 2010 was the best time ever for the covers of our Emerald Archer. All the Green Arrow covers DC released that year are simply jaw – dropping.

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