Comic Art Showcase: Issue #5 – Cheshire


It is time once again for the Comic Art Showcase. Each and every week I’ll highlight a comic book character from either DC, Marvel, or the Independents by posting some of my favourite professional and fan art of the character. So which character is up next? Why it is none other than Jade Nguyen aka Cheshire! I’ve broken the images down into groupings, with roughly three to five pieces of art per page. You can click the corresponding section or simply click next and let the art show commence:

Cheshire Part 1

Cheshire Part 2

Cheshire Part 3



2 thoughts on “Comic Art Showcase: Issue #5 – Cheshire

  1. Ok,not knowing much about the Teen Titans, the first thing that popped into my mind with the name “Cheshire” was the cat from Alice In Wonderland.

    Honestly though, good pictures.

    • Glad you like the selection of pics. As for the character, she is underrated and hasn’t been utilized really well since the New 52. I keep waiting for her to appear on Arrow one of these seasons as she has a deep connection with Roy. I’m still waiting…

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