wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2008 & Generation X 1999


My Favourite Covers


Okay, so our journey through the past is complete for this week but which covers reign supreme?

For Batman Confidential, the crown goes to: Batman Confidential #15.bc15

I really like Batman Confidential #15. First of all, it shows Batman facing a villain who is very similar to him, a sort of Batman gone bad. I know this is a hackneyed cliché of Bat-comics, but I can’t help it, I love it. Secondly, the cover reveals us that the villain’s target is Gordon, and this definitely is a question-raising detail. Why does the villain want him to die? Is Batman’s ally innocent, or does he have a skeleton in the cupboard? If he’s innocent (as we suppose), then why is he showing such a contrite face? Thirdly, this cover has a lot of classic action packed details that are highly eye-pleasing for me: a giant weapon, a villain shooting compulsively with gnashing teeth, empty cartridge cases flying all over him, the hero approaching to him with a raging face… add a flaming sky in the background, and here you have a cover that hit everything on wwayne’s checklist.


 For Generation X, the title goes to: Generation X Annual 1999.

There are many reasons why good friends are precious and make your life better. One of them is that, when you’re about to commit a huge mistake, they prevent you from doing that, by reasoning with you or by blocking you when you’re too upset to reason. Generation X Annual 1999 points this out in a very effective way. Jubilee found out the identity of the people who murdered her parents: of course she got furious and wants to kill them. Her teammates know that, once she crosses that line, her moral innocence, her role as a superhero and her whole life will be destroyed: that’s why, instead of washing their hands of it, they try to stop her, no matter how much she will hate them for doing that. This cover not only caught the essence of true friendship, but also raises a very enticing question: who killed Jubilee’s parents? As an avid reader of detective novels, I deeply appreciate covers that foreshadow a whodunit story. I also love the colourful background. All those bright colours make the cover very lively and beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, and they also contrast with the uptight scene in the foreground in a very eye-catching way.


So that’s it for this week. Agree/Disagree? Which covers are your personal favourites from this week? Comment below!

Feature Written By: wwayne

3 thoughts on “wwayne Presents – Retroactive: Batman Confidential 2008 & Generation X 1999

  1. Love the cover for Batman Confidential #11 eith the Joker standing in the light of the Bat-Signal. That slight spatter of blood is very ominous as well! Had to pick Geneation X #52 simply because it reminded me of the recent Spiderverse with who appears in the bottom right hand corner! Love that little character!!! Great retroactive!

    • “That slight spatter of blood is very ominous as well!” Nice catch Paul, that had passed me by! My runner – up is Batman Confidential # 19, though. The gorgeous background deserves a medal alone; I also love the fact that this cover compels us to open the issue up to know what’s written on the notebook Batgirl and Catwoman are fighting for.
      “Had to pick Geneation X #52 simply because it reminded me of the recent Spiderverse with who appears in the bottom right hand corner!” The cover you chose is my runner – up, because the taglines are extremely enticing. Bronze medal for Generation X # 54: an action packed image that could have won the gold medal in any other year. Thank you for providing your picks! 🙂

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