Between The Continuity – #SaveConstantine & Reflecting On Homicidal Robots


So NBC finally gave the axe to Constantine in what was a seriously drawn-out process. I mean, having the show runner come down and pitch Season 2 plus putting all the episodes up on their site created an air of hopefulness but it was all for not. The teases we were given of what DC characters would be appearing in Season 2 was too good to pass up and made it all the more heartbreaking but then something really special happened. The day Constantine got cancelled it was trending worldwide and later on the show got some celebrity endorsement including William Shatner and Stephen Amell who both offered to appear on the show if another network picked it up. In fact, the head of Arrow has already begun to formulate some plans for Constantine to appear on the show as if its resurrection is imminent. I’m crossing my fingers that it does indeed get picked up as I feel it was really finding its stride towards the end and am overwhelmed with the possibilities of an Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Constantine mega crossover!

In other news, I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron on my birthday this past Thursday. I had an excellent time and thought the movie was pretty good overall. My favourite parts had to be the opening and closing fight scenes, the “hammer” scene after party, and every scene Quicksilver was in. On the flip side, I could really see the obvious studio interference as it seemed like a lot of set-up for future movies happened instead of fully focussing on this singular film. James Spader was awesome as Ultron though I couldn’t help but think of the character he plays on the Blacklist every time I heard him speak. The last line in the film was classic Whedon though as he toyed with our emotions and left us hanging for the time the iconic line will be said in full. Infinity War Part 2 anyone? If I was to rank it next to the other movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I would have to admit it wasn’t as great as the original Avengers, nor could it surpass the Guardians of the Galaxy or either of the Captain America films plus the first Iron Man. Don’t get me wrong, it still was an enjoyable film and I’m sure upon repeat viewings once I buy the Blu-ray I’ll grow to love it even more.


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looking-aheadI mentioned last week that this edition of Between The Continuity would see me “lay out a potential job that will take me to (hopefully) new heights and a greater sense of happiness” but I will be delaying that to next week’s edition. Stay tuned!

On that note, this week’s offering of Between The Continuity has reached its end. I hope everyone has an excellent week and manages to read some great stuff. Until next time, I leave you with three words that sum up this blog and life in general:


2 thoughts on “Between The Continuity – #SaveConstantine & Reflecting On Homicidal Robots

  1. Happy belated b-day! Great to get your thoughts on Age Of Ultron. I also really liked the last line in the film … I’ve already used it once in real life but not in a sinister way haha. Overall, I liked it but I’d also have a hard time putting it into my top five Marvel movies.

    I’m disappointed we won’t get more Constantine. I had some issues with the first season but some shows hit their stride in the second season. Plus they have the perfect lead actor, it’ll be cool to see this version of Constantine pop up in another show.

    • One other thing that bugged me about Age of Ultron was the utilization of Strucker. If that was all the time he was going to get, they could have added him to the cast of Agents of SHIELD for a mini-arc. Such a waste…

      As for Constantine, I felt the episodes that featured other DC characters in them were among its strongest which makes the cancellation all the more crushing as they revealed that Doctor Fate, the Phantom Stranger, and the Demon would appear in Season 2. Come on, there has to be a network willing to pick it up!

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