Retroactive: The Flash 2007 & Uncanny X-Men 2014


Uncanny X-Men (2014)


Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #14(January 2014)UXMV314 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #15(February 2014)UXMV315.INH ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #16(March 2014)UXMV316 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #17(April 2014)UXMV317 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #18(May 2014)UXMV318 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #19(May 2014)UXMV319.NOW ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #20(June 2014)UXMV320 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #21(July 2014)UXMV321 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #22(August 2014)UXMV322 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #23(September 2014)UXMV323 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #24(September 2014)UXMV324 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #25(November 2014)UXMV325 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #26(November 2014)UXMV326 ________________________________________________________

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #27(December 2014)UXMV327 ________________________________________________________


3 thoughts on “Retroactive: The Flash 2007 & Uncanny X-Men 2014

  1. I’m also leaning toward Uncanny X-men 34’s cover, but 25 is also very good. It’s so hard to choose between 2014’s covers. There are lots of people who don’t like Bendis style writing and I can understand why, but anyone who says his run isn’t full of fantastic covers has no taste.

    For Flash, I think I prefer issue 12 with the clock matching the “Running out of time” title. Flash being arrested is also good though.

  2. There are 2 Flash covers that caught my attention:
    – The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #6: What an action packed image, with our hero trying to save two children while some cars behind him are about to overturn. I also appreciate the artistic choice of making the background look out of focus, because it reproduces the sight of the human eye: in fact, when you look at someone, the background behind him/her is out of focus for you.
    – The Flash Vol. 2 #233: Even in this case our hero is holding two babies, but there are some details that makes this cover extremely enticing.
    First of all, these babies are wearing a Flash – like costume, which makes us think they’re somehow connected to the leading character. The problem is, we can’t get to know HOW they’re connected to him until we open the book up for answers.
    Secondly, I love the artistic choice of depicting the other Justice League members in the background, ominously impending over the Flash as if they were his enemies instead of being his allies. This cover suggests that they’ve gone bad not only because of their threatening facial expressions, but also because of the marvellous detail of Clark’s hand trying to grab the child Flash is holding with his left arm. The use of shadows is fantastic as well.
    After long consideration, I decided to give the 1st prize to The Flash Vol. 2 #233.
    As for the X – Men, I pick Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #15. It seems that this time we’ll get a light – hearted issue, with the female members of the team taking a day off and having fun all together, and I couldn’t ask nothing better. The masterful colouring and the ominous tagline are two other gold – medal – deserving details.
    P.S.: Yesterday I read the first 4 issues of Batman: Zero Year, and I was shocked by their absolute perfection. Today I’m going to read the other issues: I can’t wait to know how this wonderful story arc ends.

  3. Flash The Fastest Man A live #11 is a great covers, featuring the Rogues as they hold up Flash’s torn off mask. A very unsettling cover, it looks like the Rogues have really defeated Flash this time! Uncanny X-Men Vol 3 #16 is another very mean and moody cover for this Retroactive, with a bloodspattered effects over Magneto’s helmet. A great retroactive!

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